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Clockwise from top left: Delta, Titan II, and Atlas rockets at Cape Canaveral; nuclear power plant in Ohio; early-1980s Toshiba pocket radio/cassette player; Apple iMac, Macintosh Plus, and PowerBook computers; and the full Moon.

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* The "Macintosh & Misc." category was split into two separate categories in February 2007: "Culture & Travel" and "Science & Technology."

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# Web site not updated in over a year. MacAddict and MacHome magazines ceased publication a couple years ago.

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Long live the "Paradigm shift"!

My Macintoshes: *

Model RAM Speed HD Year
Mac Plus 1 + 2.5 MB 8 MHz 0 + 20 MB 1987
Power Book 150 4 MB 30 MHz 80 MB 1994
iMac "Flower Power" 64 + 256 MB 500 MHz 20 + 156 GB 2001
iMac "Aluminum" 1 + 5 GB 2.4 GHz 320 GB + 1 TB 2008
MacBook Air 4 GB 1.6 GHz 121 GB** 2015

NOTES: The "plus" figures refer to upgrades after the original purchase, including peripheral hard drives. The iMac "Aluminum" has had TWO memory upgrades: 1 GB + 2 GB = 3 GB, and then replacing the original 1 GB chip with a 4 GB chip to yield 6 GB total.
* Until 2009 or so, all four of my Macs still functioned properly. When I tried to boot them up early in 2010, however, the three older ones either experienced major difficulties or were stone cold dead. frown
** MacBook Air has Flash storage, no hard drive.

Our iPods & iPads

Model Memory Year
iPod 2nd Gen. 16 GB** 2004
iPod Nano 2nd Gen. 4 GB 2008
iPad 1st Gen. 16 GB 2011
iPod Touch 5th Gen. 37.5 GB 2013
iPad Mini 2nd Gen. 16 GB 2014

** iPod 2nd Gen. has hard drive, no Flash storage.

CAUTION: Exposing your eyes to this subliminal flashing image for an extended period of time may cause you to buy a Mac. You have been warned.
Subliminal Apple

Remember that old song by Queen, "I'm In Love With My Car"? Well it's kinda like that. In the early 1980s I used to press my nose against the window of computer stores and yearn for an Apple IIC or an Apple III. Then came January 1984 and the unveiling of Macintosh during the Super Bowl half time. I could see right then and there my destiny as a crusader for free thought. Three years later I finally had enough money to buy my first Mac, a Macintosh Plus, and I was immediately enthralled with the vast power at my disposal. In 1994 I bought an Apple PowerBook 150 and took it to Peru with me to do writing and research for my dissertation. In March 2001 I bought my third and current Mac: an iMac "Flower Power" edition, and once again I was in MacNerd heaven. All three of my Macs still function, and I have no plans to dispose of any of them. I don't expect long-term Windows users to understand, but I know there are plenty of Mac folks out there who know the joy: Macs rock!

DISCLAIMER: I, Andrew Clem, have not received any compensation from Apple Computer, Inc. in exchange for this blatant commercial endorsement. wink.gif