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This Web site is based on the guiding principles of fair play, truthfulness, good taste, public spiritedness, common sense, reasonableness, and a passion for learning and the dissemination of knowledge. The person using this Web site (the "User") either expressly agrees to abide by the following terms, or else forfeits permission to view its contents. Unless specified, the term "Content" as used below refers to information in text, graphics, video, or audio format. Except as otherwise credited, all Content on this Web site are © 2006 by Andrew G. Clem (the "Author" and "Web master"). All rights reserved.

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In order to use some interactive features of this Web site, Users must register with their real names and e-mail addresses, and "cookies" and Javascript must be enabled in their Web browser. Users' names, and their city and state of residence will be posted on the Guestbook page, unless a special request is made to delete some of that information. During registration, Users may choose whether or not to make their e-mail addresses available to the general public. No e-mail addresses or other information about individuals will be given to a third party without the consent of the individual User. In the future, certain preferences expressed by the User during the registration (e.g., favorite baseball team) may be made available to third parties such as advertisers. Every reasonable effort will be made to maintain the security of the User's identity, but the Web master cannot accept liability for the consequences malicious intrusion into Web files by outsiders. Whenever a User becomes aware of a possible compromise of security on this Web site, he or she should contact the Webmaster immediately, and steps will be taken to remedy the situation immediately.

Terms as of February 12, 2005

This Web site contains various kinds of information and graphics that are intended for the edification and enjoyment of individual users. The information contained herein is accurate as far as I know, and the opinions expressed are mine alone. I accept no liability for the consequences of any errors contained herein, and endeavor to make and acknowledge corrections as soon as they are brought to my attention. I respect intellectual property rights, including photographs, other graphics, music, and text, and endeavor to abide by the "terms of use" of those web sites whose material (or links thereto) are reproduced on this site. Links to other web sites herein do not constitute either approval of all of their content nor an affirmation of the opinions expressed therein. Their inclusion has not been solicited, nor have I received any compensation for them. Some of the content of this site is copyrighted and all rights are reserved, as specified on the respective pages. Anyone wishing to reproduce the photographs or other non-copyrighted content is requested to first send an e-mail message stating which material is to be reproduced to, and should in every case cite the author of said content, Andrew G. Clem or one of the other Clems. These terms are in effect as of February 12, 2005 and are subject to modification.

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