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variable birds


camera icon Montage (Staunton & Bell's Lane, 11/1/18)

camera icon Eastern Bluebird: F (Staunton, 11/1/18)

camera icon Montage (Bell's Lane, 11/2/18)

camera icon Cattle Egrets, cow (Bell's Lane, 11/2/18)

camera icon Wilson's Snipe (Bell's Lane, 11/2/18)

camera icon Montage (Staunton, Bell's Lane, 11/3/18)

camera icon Northern Mockingbird (Staunton, 11/3/18)

camera icon Ruby-crowned Kinglet { ! } (Staunton, 11/3/18)

camera icon Dark-eyed Junco (Staunton, 11/3/18)

camera icon Vesper Sparrow (Bell's Lane, 11/3/18)

camera icon Montage: Cattle Egrets, cow (Bell's Lane, 11/3/18)

camera icon Cattle Egrets (Bell's Lane, 11/5/18)

camera icon White-crowned Sparrow: J (Bell's Lane, 11/5/18)

camera icon Wood Duck: M (Bell's Lane, 11/5/18)

camera icon Montage (McCormick's Farm, 11/7/18)

camera icon Great Blue Heron (McCormick's Farm, 11/7/18)

camera icon Gadwall: M (McCormick's Farm, 11/7/18)

camera icon Brown Creeper (McCormick's Farm, 11/7/18)

camera icon Montage (Stuarts Draft & Bell's Lane, 11/10/18)

camera icon camera icon camera icon camera icon Rufous Hummingbird: M (Stuarts Draft, 11/10/18)

camera icon Montage (Mill Place, 11/17/18)

camera icon Fox Sparrow (Mill Place, 11/17/18)

camera icon Cedar Waxwing (Mill Place, 11/17/18)

camera icon Hermit Thrush (Mill Place, 11/17/18)

camera icon Northern Cardinal: M (Mill Place, 11/17/18)

camera icon Killdeer (Mill Place, 11/17/18)

All locations are in Virginia unless otherwise stated. Abbreviations:
MHP = Montgomery Hall Park, Staunton, VA
FCM = Frontier Culture Museum, Staunton, VA
SNP = Shenandoah National Park, Virginia
BRP = Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia
A.S. = Augusta Springs wetlands, Virginia
RMNP = Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
SARS = Staunton-Augusta Rescue Squad, Staunton, VA