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Stadium locations:
Where ballparks were built
relative to urban centers
and/or other stadiums

This page provides the approximate locations of current and past major league stadiums by means of special thumbnail images of the diagrams overlaid onto crude city maps. The individual diagrams have been rotated so that north is always straight up. To see the map/diagram images, which feature standard-sized (one-quarter scale) thumbnail diagrams as well as much smaller-scale images depending on the amount of land encompassed, roll the mouse over the city names. (For some larger cities such as New York and Philadelphia, there are separate map/diagram images for different parts of the city.) In addition, a text box will be displayed showing its name, year of origin, and the previous MLB stadium (if any), and the distance in miles between the two. The "Western," "Central," and "Eastern" columns are based on geography, not the actual league divisions or time zones. Clicking on the city names will take you to the page of that city's current stadium (or stadiums).

This page replaces a page called "Stadium proximity," which emphasized cases in which two or more baseball stadiums from different eras were in close proximity to each other. Over the years, many stadiums have been built right next to the stadiums which they replaced, and in two cases (St. Louis and Cincinnati) the two successive stadiums "overlapped" each other. In other cases, stadiums were built just a few blocks from their predecessors. For those cities in which there was no close stadium proximity, the map/diagram images show different stadiums (if any) in separate inset boxes. In a few cases, the name of and distance to the stadium one more generation back is shown as well. Where applicable, the names and/or thumbnail images of NFL stadiums or NBA / NHL arenas are shown as well. Unlike the baseball stadium thumbnails, those images are mere rough approximations.

Western cities

Seattle San Francisco Oakland Los Angeles San Diego Phoenix Denver

Central cities

Minneapolis Milwaukee Chicago Kansas City St. Louis New Orleans Arlington, TX Houston Detroit Cleveland Cincinnati Pittsburgh

Eastern cities

Montreal Toronto Boston NY: Bronx/Manhattan New York - Queens New York - Brooklyn Philadelphia - north Philadelphia - south Baltimore Washington Atlanta St. Petersburg Miami

Roll mouse over city names to see thumbnail map / diagrams depicting the urban vicinity in which the various current and past MLB stadiums are/were located.

SOURCES: Lowry, Green Cathedrals (1992, 2006), National Geographic Road Atlas

This page is derived from a page called "Stadium proximity" that was first posted in July, 2004. A second major revision was made in July 2016, and the new page was (re-)created in July 2019. Update in June 2020 made it accessible to mobile devices.

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