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August 2004

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Andy double eagle Andy double eagle

August 10, 2004: Andrew triumphantly picks up the ball after scoring a once-in-a-lifetime DOUBLE EAGLE, while dear old Dad walks away shaking his head in disbelief. Other witnesses: brothers Chris and John. Was the Yankees hat a good luck charm? Unfortunately, the news was misreported by the local mainstream media.

Spirit Mound, the highest point in Clay County. Lewis and Clark visited this Indian holy place in 1803. For many years it was used as mere farmland, but a historic preservation movement managed to acquire the land for public use, and it is now a cultural/wildlife preserve.

Spirit Mound

Missouri Valley

The Missouri River Valley, looking toward Burbank, SD. The hills of Nebraska are in the background. Too bad the camera was tilted...


Osprey boxes

Juvenile ospreys resting at their feeding/shelter boxes in Clay County Park. They were recently transported to South Dakota from northern Idaho by the Wildlife Experiences organization.

Red-headed woodpecker Cedar waxwing Warbling vireo

Red-headed woodpecker, S of Burbank, SD.

Cedar waxwing, at Clay County Park, SD.

Warbling vireo, at Clay County Park, SD.

Sedge wren Marsh wren

Sedge wren, Spirit Mound, N of Vermillion, SD.

Marsh wren, NE of Vermillion, SD.

Kingbird Common yellowthroat Red-eyed vireo

Kingbird, at Clay County Park, SD.

Common yellowthroat (M), NE of Vermillion.

Red-eyed vireo, at Hawks Nest State Park, WV.