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(August 2004)

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Rainbow Osprey boxes

Juvenile ospreys resting at their feeding/shelter boxes in Clay County Park. They were recently transported to South Dakota from northern Idaho by the Wildlife Experiences organization.

Red-headed woodpecker Cedar waxwing Warbling vireo

Red-headed woodpecker, S of Burbank, SD.

Cedar waxwing, at Clay County Park, SD.

Warbling vireo, at Clay County Park, SD.

Sedge wren Marsh wren

Sedge wren, Spirit Mound, N of Vermillion, SD.

Marsh wren, NE of Vermillion, SD.

Kingbird Common yellowthroat Red-eyed vireo

Kingbird, at Clay County Park, SD.

Common yellowthroat (M), NE of Vermillion.

Red-eyed vireo, at Hawks Nest State Park, WV.