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Peru, 2004:
Wild birds

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Rainbow Hooded Siskin

hand point down Set 1: Cuzco & Machu Picchu

hand point down Set 2: Ventanilla: town, wetlands, beach



100 Aves de Lima y Alrededores, Alejandro Tabini and Juan Pedro Paz-Solda (Lima: Wust Ediciones, 2007)

Birds of Machu Picchu: 86 most common species, by Gino Cassinelli Del Sante, illustrations by Daniel Huaman.

Lima Field Guide: Birds (fold-out sheet), edited by Guillermo Krell, illustrations by Fernando Zavala, published by Rainforest Expeditions S.A.C.

Lucchetti: El Mas Grave Ecocidio en los Pantanos de Villa, by Arturo Aranda Arrieta and Maria Escalante Gutierrez (Lima: Ediciones Alternativa, 2002)