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1985 and 2003

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Rainbow Mexico montage

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Set 1: Mexico City 2003 (with Jacqueline)

camera Monument of the Revolution.

camera Jacqueline at the Heroes Monument.

camera Chapultepec Castle. | camera Andrew at Chapultepec.

camera Jacqueline at Teotihuacan pyramid. (camera #2) | (camera #3)

camera Xochimilco boats. | camera Happy couple.

camera Church in Coyoacan. | camera Mexican antiwar protest.

camera Aztec vase. | camera Aztec calendar.

camera Aerial view of eastern Mexico City.

camera Black-headed Grosbeak.

Set 3: Mexico, 1985 (with Joe Cash)

camera Archelogical ruins at Palenque, near Guatemala.

camera Zocalo (plaza) in Merida, in the Yucatan.

camera The "Nunnery" at Chichen Itza, near Merida.