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Trip to Costa Rica & Nicaragua,
(February-March 2005)

Old farmer with a traditional painted ox cart, formerly used to haul coffee beans to market.

A happy couple at LaPaz Waterfall Garden

Iglesia La Merced ("Church of Mercy"), downtown San José.

Parque Central, downtown San José

University of Costa Rica campus, east edge of San José

Playa de Cacao, southwest Pacific coast

Spider Monkey, in Corcovado National Park

Palacio Nacional, Managua, Nicaragua

Plaza central, Granada, Nicaragua

Birds of Costa Rica

Violet Saberwing, La Paz Waterfall Gardens

Silver-throated tanager, La Paz Waterfall Gardens

Blue-gray Tanager, in Playa de Cacao

Great Kiskadee, in Playa de Cacao

Pacific Screech Owl, Santa Rosa National Park

Staunton, Virginia, & D.C.

Dogwood flowers, our back yard

Mushroom montage, Todd Lake Recreation Area

Marbled orb weaver, Augusta Springs

Monarch butterfly, Augusta Springs

"Flaming" red tree, front of Stuart Hall

The Rolling Stones in concert at Scott Stadium, Charlottesville (Oct. 6)

Panorama of RFK Stadium (Sept. 2 game, Washington Nationals lost to the Phillies)

Birds of Staunton, VA

Ruby-throated hummingbird, perched on our back patio

Sharp-shinned Hawk, closeup in our back yard

Wood duck, in Gypsy Hill Park

George's face, closeup