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Birds of August, 2009
(Colorado and Ohio)

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Click on the camera icons (camera) to see each photo, one by one.

August 2009 bird montage

Lake Brainerd, Rocky Mountain National Park

camera Clark's Nutcracker (RMNP, Aug. 12)

camera Gray-headed Junco (RMNP, Aug. 12)

camera Mountain Bluebird (RMNP, Aug. 12)

camera Red-breasted Nuthatch (camera alt.) (LB, Aug. 10)

camera Three-toed woodpecker (camera alt.) (LB, Aug. 10)

camera Mountain Chickadee (LB, Aug. 10)

camera Yellow-rumped "Audubon's" warbler (LB, Aug. 10)

camera Ruby-crowned Kinglet (LB, Aug. 10)

camera Bushtit, out of its normal range (Niwot, Aug. 8)

Magee Marsh, Ohio, Aug. 3

camera Bald Eagle     ~     camera Great Egret

camera Red-wing blackbirds, two males and one female

camera Barn Swallows     ~     camera Purple Martin house