September 10, 2006 [LINK / comment]

Blog comments are enabled!

After long reflection on various options for allowing visitors to make comments on my blog posts, I finally came up with a system that is, I believe, workable, convenient, and secure. As with the recently-added baseball stadium impressions feature, you must first register, so as to thwart spam attacks. (See the new Privacy notice on the Terms of use page.) I would like to maintain a dignified tone, and there are a few minor restrictions as specified on the comment submission form, which appears after the blog text when you click on the "[LINK / comment]" link above. You can also submit comments for blogs for the last seven days, just by clicking on the "[LINK]" links, which take you to the same place. After the one-week "window of opportunity" has passed, no more comments are accepted. So, as Pat Benatar would say, go ahead and "hit me with your best shot!"