January 23, 2006 [LINK]

More photographic chores

Washington montage One of our household projects is going through old photo albums and tossing out unneeded pictures. I'm doing the same thing for our digital photographs, and to my surprise found a few old gems that I thought should be put back "on display." These images can be seen on the new/old Washington D.C. photo gallery page.

As part of this "massive cleanup" effort, I've added a new "à la carte" feature by which individual photos can be displayed in a more attractive way, including the file name which serves as a rudimentary identifying caption. To see this in action, just click on any of the sections of the adjacent image to see a full-size version. To compare it to the old way, click HERE.

For many of the photo gallery pages listed on the main Photo Gallery page, a camera symbol () now appears. Click on any of those to see the "best of the bunch," without having to wait for all the photos to load; usually it is a panoramic shot with lots of detail.