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 (Taken at various times over the years.)

Lincoln Memorial.

Lincoln Memorial

White House.

White House

Capitol building on Earth Day, May, 1990.


Flag at half staff in front of the Washington Monument (Sept. 11, 2002).

Flag, Washington Monument

Smithsonian Institution main building.


The Jefferson Memorial, as seen from the pedal-boat that my niece Cathy, her friend Yanira, and I rode (?) on the Tidal Basin. (June 2004)

Jefferson Memorial

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Potomac River

The lovely Potomac River, with the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial in the background. I used to ride on the bicycle path seen at the bottom at least once or twice a week. (September 2004)

World War II Memorial

WW2Memorial-Atlantic WW2Memorial-Pacific

The Atlantic side (north end) of the World War II Memorial makes special reference to D-Day, with a passage from General Eisenhower's message to his troops on that fateful day sixty years and three weeks ago. Granite engravings on that side list several of the most important campaigns and battles from the European Theater, such as Sicily, Normandy, and the Battle of the Bulge. I saw some poignant photos and notes left there by family members of the fallen heroes. The Pacific side lists Pearl Harbor, the Philippines, and Okinawa, among others. (June 2004)

RFK Stadium

RFK outside panorama

My niece Cathy (R) and her friend Yanira (L) joined me on a visit to RFK Stadium in June 2004, as rumors on the possible relocation to D.C. were circulating once again. This photo shows RFK's distinctive weird sloping roof, which dips down just behind home plate.