January 17, 2006 [LINK]

Photographs & memories *

Clems Christmas, 1962 In today's Staunton News Leader, retired editor Fred Pfisterer talks about how someone in his family dug out their old slides and transferred them onto a computer with a scanner, and then burned them onto DVDs as gifts to help in sharing old memories. I used my iMac and a scanner to do the same thing a couple years ago (onto CDs, that is), though I only scratched the surface of my grandfather's slide archives. For anyone who is lucky enough to possess such a treasury of photographic records, in slides or in print, I highly recommend taking the time to do likewise. Presented for your amusement is the Clem family at Christmas, 1962. That's me in the space helmet. On the floor is the board game "Video Village," based on a TV game show.

* That's the name of an old Jim Croce song.

Taking a cue from some other "photo-bloggers," I have put together a new photo gallery page:
Best photos of 2005. Not surprisingly, many of the 25 visual gems are from our trip to Costa Rica, including several colorful birds. I touched up a few of them by enhancing the sharpness.