April 23, 2005 [LINK]

Ouch! Reality bites

The Nationals dropped their first two games up in Shea Stadium, and now have a three-game losing streak, plunging from first to fourth in the NL East. I can understand losing against Tom Glavine, but today's 10-5 defeat makes one wonder if the magical honeymoon is over. There's a lot of fine young talent on the team, and superb management, but the ex-Expos' transition to their new identity is still underway, and some bad days are to be expected. If they only had an owner...

The Cubs will have a hard time making up for the loss of Nomar Garciaparra, out for at least two months due to a bad groin pull. Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe hinted that steroid use may have made Nomar more fragile and susceptible to inury, which he of course denies. See MLB.com.

coming attractions In the next few days, all of the baseball stadium pages will be reformatted so as to be more compatible with a broader range of browser software. The main difference you will notice is that there will be more consistent spacing around the diagrams and photographs, which will be redone in a way that speeds up the page loading process. The intent is to make it easier to jump from one page to another. This is in preparation for the inclusion of fan comments on each stadium page... Then I will unveil the revised, "dynamic" diagrams of Wrigley Field, depicting its evolution through the decades.