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PURPOSE: Registering for this Web site enables users to submit their impressions of baseball stadiums and other kinds of feedback. E-mail addresses are necessary to validate user identity, but will be withheld from public view on request. (Just uncheck that box below.) For this feature to work, your computer must accept cookies and be Javascript-enabled. That means that you can only submit feedback from a single computer, though a log-in process enabling access from multiple computers may become available in the future. As stated on the Terms of use page, no individualized information will be divulged to third parties without consent. Registration also confirms the User's agreement to said Terms. Previously-registered users can update or correct their information using this form, but must make sure to reenter ALL the information, except for the remarks.

PLUG: Monetary contributions, either in the form of stadium page sponsorships or smaller donations, will make sure that this Web site continues to improve in years to come. That will keep the advertising down to a tolerable level, and for those who choose to sponsor a page, will provide publicity across a wide fan base. Such support is greatly appreciated, and will be remembered.

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