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Decision 2016
The Race to the White House!

Delegate counts by state (primaries and caucuses)

Date State Contest Hillary Clinton
Bernie Sanders
Others, Uncommitted
Donald Trump
Ted Cruz
Marco Rubio
John Kasich
Others, Uncommitted
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(needed to win)4,764 (2,383 needed to win)2,472 (1,237 needed to win)
CURRENT # OF DELEGATES(reported)2,2051,4011271,06856416615373
CURRENT # OF DELEGATES(calculated)14259283970746513511516
Feb. 1IowaD R Caucuses292178716
Feb. 9New HampshireD R Primaries1515103340
Feb. 20NevadaD Caucus231640
Feb. 20South CarolinaR Primary500
Feb. 23NevadaR Caucus146711
Feb. 27South CarolinaD Primary43140
Mar. 1AlabamaD R Primaries404361310
Mar. 1AlaskaR Caucus121150
Mar. 1ArkansasD R Primaries237161490
Mar. 1ColoradoD Caucuses34330
Mar. 1GeorgiaD R Primaries77234018140
Mar. 1MassachusettsD R Primaries6244224880
Mar. 1MinnesotaD R Caucuses43351013140
Mar. 1OklahomaD R Primaries21171214110
Mar. 1TennesseeD R Primaries4522311490
Mar. 1TexasD R Primaries14048339930
Mar. 1VermontD R Primaries413660
Mar. 1VirginiaD R Primaries72321716853
Mar. 5KansasD R Caucuses1123924610
Mar. 5KentuckyR Caucus1715770
Mar. 5LouisianaD R Primaries411015140
Mar. 5MaineR Caucus12920
Mar. 5NebraskaD Caucus13140
Mar. 6MaineD Caucus10160
Mar. 8HawaiiR Caucus1060
Mar. 8IdahoR Primary12200
Mar. 8MichiganD R Primaries68652517170
Mar. 8MississippiD R Primaries32524130
Mar. 12WyomingR Caucus 12314
Mar. 15FloridaD R Primaries1516799
Mar. 15IllinoisD R Primaries93705395
Mar. 15MissouriD R Primaries4634255
Mar. 15North CarolinaD R Primaries6746292769
Mar. 15OhioD R Primaries9363QUIT66
Mar. 22ArizonaD R Caucus & Primary493158
Mar. 22IdahoD Caucus617
Mar. 22UtahD R Caucuses82640
Mar. 26AlaskaD Caucus4133
Mar. 26HawaiiD Primary13183
Mar. 26WashingtonD Caucus18237
Apr. 5WisconsinD R Primaries4348636
Apr. 9WyomingD Caucus117
Apr. 19New YorkD R Primaries177108894
Apr. 26ConnecticutD R Primaries4327128
Apr. 26DelawareD R Primaries19916
Apr. 26MarylandD R Caucus & Primary7733738
Apr. 26PennsylvaniaD R Primaries1258150
Apr. 26Rhode IslandD R Primaries20131035
May 3IndianaD R Primaries4544157QUITQUIT
May 10NebraskaD R Primaries
May 10West VirginiaD R Primaries
May 17KentuckyD Primary
May 17OregonD R Primaries
May 24WashingtonR Primary
June 7CaliforniaD R Primaries
June 7MontanaD R Primaries
June 7New JerseyD R Primaries
June 7New MexicoD R Primaries
June 7North DakotaD Caucus
June 7South DakotaD R Primaries
June 14District of ColumbiaD R Primaries
Total delegates
(needed to win)
4,764 (2,383 needed to win)2,472 (1,237 needed to win)
July 18-21Republican National ConventionQuicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio (
July 25-28Democratic National ConventionWells Fargo Center in Philadelphia (

NOTE: Underlined numbers denote states where Bernie Sanders won a majority of the popular vote but not a majority of the delegates.