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Lima & Ventanilla
(Part I)

Photos on this page are a mixture of freeze-frame video images, digital still images, and film images.

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A billboard at the APRA* headquarters in downtown Lima, showing their party's beloved founder -- Victor Raul Haya de la Torre, who died in 1978 -- and its current leader, Alan Garcia, who served as president from 1985 to 1990, and may return to that post before long...

* American Popular Revolutionary Alliance

Haya & Garcia on APRA poster

Precarious Third World ecology. The sign reads (in part), "Municipality of Ventanilla. Ventanilla Wetlands Ecological Park. Wildlife refuge. Fishing, hunting of birds, and dumping garbage are prohibited. Municipal Ecological and Environmental Committee. Neighbors in action." (Click to zoom in on image.) The road leads to the beach, about a mile away.

Ventanilla wetlands

The Chilean-owned Lucchetti food processing factory in Chorrillos, south of Lima, across the road from the Pantanos de Villa wetland nature preserve. (See the Peru, 2004 -- wild birds page, where this image was formerly posted.) This factory was shut down in December 2002 after it was found that the permit to build in this environmentally sensitive area was obtained by bribing Peruvian officials. The sign on the lower right (click to zoom in on image) announces the municipal decree, which caused a diplomatic conflict with Chile. The fact that Peruvians were willing to sacrifice economic benefits for the sake of protecting the environment is a very heartening sign, although nationalistic sentiment played a part in this case.

Lucchetti factory

Movin' on up! Believe it or not, for many poor Peruvians, these hillside shacks are coveted symbols of upward mobility. This is on the northwest edge of Ventanilla. On top of the hill is a water tank. Service has improved in recent years, mainly because the water utility can now charge enough to cover its costs, but there is heavy political pressure to control prices, which would only lead to shortages once again.

Andy, hill shacks

Cactus flower, in a lush garden oasis in the town of Ventanilla.

Cactus flower

A few members of the Jacobs family enjoying lunch at a Lima restaurant. From the left: Fabian, Carlitos, Señora Jacobs, Shary, and Jacqueline. ¡La comida era muy buena!

Family at Lima restaurant