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Peru, 2004:
Cuzco & Machu Picchu

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Rainbow Peru montage 1

Set 1: Cuzco and Urubamba Valley

camera Cuzco from above. (camera zoomed-in view of plaza)

camera Andrew, with "cholitos" selling handicrafts.

camera Farm terraces at Pisac, an archeological site.

camera Jacqueline and a parrot, at a roadside restaurant.

camera Urubamba Valley, from above.

camera Urubamba Valley, seen from the train. *

camera Fields near Chinchero, seen from the train. *

camera Cuzco cathedral, on the main plaza. *

camera Protest in the main plaza of Cuzco. *

camera Sacsayhuaman, an ancient holy site near Cuzco. *

* Video freeze-frame images, reduced size.