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July 2004

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Jacqueline at Rockefeller Center

Photogenic as always, Jacqueline enjoys the artistic grandeur at the Rockefeller Center, next to the NBC studios of The Today Show.

Times Square World Trade Center

Times Square, looking north. On the right is the curvy electronic marquee in front of the studios where ABC's Good Morning America is produced. We saw weatherman Tony Perkins a few feet away outside and Robin Roberts at the news desk inside.

Ground Zero, site of the fallen Twin Towers at the World Trade Center. The banner with the flag on the building on the right side reads, "The Rebuilding Continues." The PATH commuter train station underneath the WTC has been totally rebuilt, with a large canopy over the entrance that sheltered us from the heavy rain. Graffiti on the fence included, "God bless America," "God bless the NYPD," "We hate Bush," and "Bush was responsible."
Divided we fall.

Al Roker

NBC weather personality Al Roker, interviewing members of the "Tour of Hope" bicycle-riding charity fund raising team outside the studios of The Today Show at Rockefeller Plaza. The show was interrupted at 9:30 by a special report on President Bush's statement about the release of the 9/11 Commission's findings, so the cooking segment was cancelled. (We could see that the recipe included lobster tails and avocados.)

Central Park

On our way toward The Bronx we strolled through Central Park, and were startled to see this Great egret fly in and land not far from where we were sitting. We saw another Great egret fly over our motel in North Bergen, New Jersey.

This pond only a block or so from the southwest corner of Central Park, where we saw the Great egret in the adjoing photo. On the right side in back is the famous Essex Hotel.

Great egret Great egret
Central Park lake, buildings

The Museum of the New York Historical Society and other buildings with classic early 20th Century architecture along Central Park West. This is just north of The Dakota building, where John Lennon lived ... and died

A fountain at Olmsted Plaza (I think) on the east side of Central Park. The lake in back is part of the same lake seen in the photo above.

Central Park fountain

Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium subway station

The #4 (Green Line express) subway train emerges from the ground just before it reaches Yankee Stadium. You get a brief glimpse of the field from the train through the gap between the bleachers and the grandstand, where the right-field bullpen used to be.

I had to walk along the edge of an exit ramp that had no sidewalk to get this shot. Was it worth it risking life and limb? You bet!

Yankee Stadium outback
Yankee Stadium panorama

Our view from Section 27 in the upper tier was spectacular, but too far from the infield. Right field was out of sight!
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The outfield at Yankee Stadium isn't nearly as big as it was before the 1974-1975 renovation. The outer blue fence in this photo was the outfield fence from 1976 to 1984. The roof of the subway station is visible to the left of the loudspeaker tower next to the Canadian flag.

Yankee Stadium outfield
Yankee Stadium behind home plate

Some friendly members of the New York Police Department were kind enough to let me pass through after the game was over and get this shot of Yankee Stadium from behind home plate.

TRUTH IN WEB PUBLISHING: This photo has been digitally retouched. To see the authentic original version, just click on it.

Yankee Stadium behind home plate - top

Thanks to Bud Glavey for taking this photo of us. (I just wish I had put the flash setting on the &@%# camera!)

Andrew & Jacqueline at Yankee Stadium

On our way out of the stadium after the game, we noticed a crowd gathered by one of the exits and happened to see first-baseman Jason Giambi. He didn't play that day, because of an gastrointestinal ailment that was later diagnosed as a tumor.

Jason Giambi