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Butterfly montage

camera Periodical cicadas on floor (Arlington, VA, 1987)

camera Bees, closeup (5/18/06)

camera Praying Mantis (8/20/08)

camera Ruby Meadowhawk Dragonfly (Back Bay NWR, 8/23/08)

camera Grasshopper (9/8/08)

camera White-spotted Sawyer beetle, on car in Colorado (8/10/09)

camera Walnut Husk Fly ? (5/31/10)

camera Ebony Jewelwing damselfly (6/14/10)

camera Katydid, on car in Indiana (8/5/11)

camera Periodical cicada (south of Stuarts Draft, VA, 7/12)

NOTE: Question mark indicates that species identification is not definitive.