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Rainbow vertical photo

Click on section headings hand point down to open and close the photo menus, click on camera icons (camera) to see each photo, and then click on the photos to toggle size. Panoramas are below.

Welcome to Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico

hand point down January: South Dakota, Minnesota

hand point down February: snow, Richmond

hand point down March: Augusta Health, Lynchburg

hand point down April: Nelson County

hand point down May: SNP, Blue Ridge

hand point down June 1-9 DC ~ 19-24 SD, TX, ~ 25-28 29-30 AZ, NM

hand point down July 1-3: NM, OK, KS, NE ~ 9-23: SD ~ 26-27: MO, OH

hand point down August: Augusta County

hand point down September: Washington, D.C.

hand point down October: Blue Ridge

hand point down November: Virginia Beach

hand point down December: Charlottesville

camera Charlottesville City Hall statues (Dec. 7)

Robert E. Lee eques. statue ( " ) &&

Federal Court building ( " ) &&

camera St. Paul's Church ( " )

Phi Kappa Psi house: Rolling Stone controversy ( " )

Panoramic views (Go back up. hand point up)

camera Missouri River, ice, from Ponca State Park (Dec. 29)

camera Spirit Mound, corn field (Jan. 3)

camera Virginia State Capitol, Richmond (Feb. 23)

camera Navy Yard demolition (D.C., June 5) &&

camera Missouri River, Mulberry Bend overlook (June 19)

camera Rest stop at Dragoon Mountains, Arizona (June 25)

camera Omaha history mural (July 25)

camera Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati (July 27)

camera Cincinnati skyline (July 27)

camera FedEx Field (Sept. 28)

Missouri River ice from Ponca State Park Rainbow