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Like almost everyone else these days, I find myself spending way too much time keeping up with my e-mail, in spite of using spam filters. I'm sorry to say that I can't promise a prompt reply to messages, but that does not mean I don't appreciate feedback. Indeed, I depend upon baseball fans to make corrections in my stadium diagrams and text descriptions. I do make an earnest effort to acknowledge greetings from baseball fans and others with similar interests to mine, but sometimes it takes months. Depending on the nature of your inquiry or comment, you can use either of these e-mail addresses, making the obvious adjustments, made necessary by anti-spam measures:



Please put something in the subject line so that I will know what the message is about. NOTE: If you would rather not have your name or e-mail addresses made public, please let me know.

NOTE: Those who are inquiring about the baseball stadium diagrams should first read the Frequently Asked Questions. Thanks!

facebook Some of you may find it more convenient to send greetings or feedback on my new-fangled Facebook page. Apparently, social networking is all the rage. I will or course be "friends" with folks who have already registered for this Web site, or those with whom I have become acquainted via e-mail.