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Stadium Chronology

Year Construction
Major expansion / contraction /
renovation /lights
Inheritance Name change Outfield dimension
1895 Baker Bowl          
1909 Shibe Park*,
Sportsman's Park,
Forbes Field
1910 Comiskey Park,
League Park
1911 Polo Grounds,
Griffith Stadium
1912 Fenway Park,
Navin Field,
Redland Field
1913 Ebbets Field   Polo Grounds *      
1914 Weeghman Park        
1915 Braves Field        
1916     Cubs Park [ Dunn Park ],
Cubs Park
1920   Griffith Stadium Sportsman's Park *    
1923 Yankee Stadium,
[ Memorial Coliseum ],
[ Muelebach Stadium ]
Polo Grounds, Cubs Park      
1925 [ Wrigley Field (L.A.) ] Shibe Park, Forbes Field      
1926   Navin Field,
Sportsman's Park
  Wrigley Field  
1927   Comiskey Park      
1928   Wrigley Field,
Yankee Stadium
  League Park  
1931 Cleveland Public Municipal Stadium *,
[ Seals Stadium Lights]
1932   Ebbets Field Cleveland Public Municipal Stadium **    
1934   Fenway Park   Crosley Field  
1935   Crosley Field: Lights      
1936   Navin Field   [ Bee Hive ]  
1937   Yankee Stadium      
1938   Crosley Field, Wrigley Field,
Briggs Stadium;
Ebbets Field: Lights
Shibe Park * Briggs Stadium  
1939   Shibe Park, Comiskey Park, Cleveland Stadium: Lights      
1940   Forbes Field, Polo Grounds, Sportsman's Park: Lights   Municipal Stadium (Cleveland)  
1941   Griffith Stadium: Lights      
1942       Braves Field  
1946   Braves Field, Yankee Stadium: Lights      
1947   Fenway Park: Lights      
1948   Briggs Stadium: Lights      
1950 [ Memorial Stadium ]       Baker Bowl
1951         League Park
1952   (All subsequent new
stadiums had lights.)
1953 Milwaukee County Stadium     Connie Mack Stadium  
1954   Memorial Stadium Memorial Stadium Busch Stadium I  
1955   (K.C.) Municipal Stadium (K.C.) Municipal Stadium   Braves Field (partial)
1956 [ Metropolitan Stadium ]        
1958     Memorial Coliseum,
Seals Stadium
1960 Candlestick Park     Tiger Stadium Ebbets Field,
Seals Stadium
1961 [ D.C. Stadium ]   Metropolitan Stadium,
Wrigley Field (L.A.),
Griffith Stadium
Cleveland Stadium  
1962 Dodger Stadium,
Colt Stadium
  D.C. Stadium,
Polo Grounds,
"Chavez Ravine"*
1964 Shea Stadium       Polo Grounds
1965 Astrodome,
[ Atlanta Stadium ],
[ Arlington Stadium ]
Metropolitan Stadium     Griffith Stadium
1966 Busch Stadium II,
Anaheim Stadium,
[ Oakland Coliseum ]
  Atlanta Stadium   Busch Stadium I
1967 [ San Diego Stadium ]        
1968     Oakland Coliseum    
1969 Jarry Park   (K.C.) Municipal Stadium,
San Diego Stadium,
Sick's Stadium
RFK Stadium  
1970 Three Rivers Stadium,
Riverfront Stadium
  Milwaukee County Stadium    
1971 Veterans Stadium     [ White Sox Park ] Forbes Field,
Colt Stadium (to Mexico)
1972   Arlington Stadium,
Candlestick Park
Arlington Stadium   Crosley Field
1973 Royals Stadium        
1975   Milwaukee County Stadium   Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium  
1976   Yankee Stadium     Connie Mack Stadium, (K.C.) Municipal Stadium
1977 Olympic Stadium,
  Exhibition Stadium Comiskey Park  
1979   Arlington Stadium     Shea Stadium Sick's Stadium
1980   Anaheim Stadium      
1982 Metrodome        
1984   Jack Murphy Stadium      
1985         Metropolitan Stadium
1987 [ Joe Robbie Stadium ]        
1988   Wrigley Field: Lights      
1989 Skydome Astrodome      
1990 [ Florida Suncoast Dome ]        
1991 Comiskey Park II        
1992 Oriole Park at Camden Yards        
1993     Joe Robbie Stadium,
Mile High Stadium
1994 Jacobs Field,
Ballpark in Arlington
    Kauffman Stadium Arlington Stadium
1995 Coors Field     3-Com Park  
1996 Olympic Stadium (Atlanta) Oakland Coliseum     Cleveland Stadium
1997     Turner Field * Turner Field,
Pro Player Stadium,
Cinergy Field
Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium # !
1998 Bank One Ballpark QualComm Stadium,
Edison International Field
Tropicana Field Edison International Field,
Network Assoc. Coliseum,
QualComm Stadium
1999 Safeco Field          
2000 Pac Bell Park,
Comerica Park,
Enron Field
      Kingdome # !
2001 PNC Park,
Miller Park
      Oriole Park at Camden Yards Memorial Stadium,
County Stadium,
Three Rivers Stadium # !
2002       Minute Maid Park Oriole Park at Camden Yards, Comerica Park Mile High Stadium
2003 Great American Ballpark     U.S. Cellular Field Cinergy Field # !
2004 Citizens Bank Park,
U.S. Cellular Field   SBC Park,
Ameriquest Field,
McAfee Coliseum
Veterans Stadium # !
2005   Dodger Stadium RFK Stadium Dolphins Stadium,
Chase Field, Rogers Centre,
Angel Stadium of Anaheim
Busch Stadium II
2006 Busch Stadium III Wrigley Field,
Fenway Park
  AT&T Park,
Dolphin Stadium
Citizens Bank Park,
2007       Rangers Ballpark in Arlington  
2008 Nationals Park     Progressive Field,
Oakland Coliseum
2009 Yankee Stadium II,
Citi Field
Kauffman Stadium   [ Land Shark Stadium ] Shea Stadium,
Tiger Stadium
2010 Target Field     Sun Life Stadium Yankee Stadium
2011       [ / Coliseum ]  
2012 Marlins Park     Oakland Coliseum Citi Field  
2013       Safeco Field, PETCO Park  
2014   Dodger Stadium*,
Coors Field
  Globe Life Park   Metrodome (Feb.)
2015   Progressive Field,
Wrigley Field
    Citi Field Candlestick Park (June)
2016       { Hard Rock Stadium (Dolphin)} Marlins Park  
2017 SunTrust Park   Guaranteed Rate Field (U.S. Cellular) Minute Maid Park
2018   Wrigley Field        
2019   Tropicana Field   T-Mobile Park (Safeco), Oracle Park (AT&T)    
2020 Globe Life Field Dodger Stadium   Truist Park (SunTrust),
Ring Central Coliseum (Oakland)
Marlins Park  
2021 American Family Field (Miller Park), Loan Depot park (Marlins Park) QualComm Stadium (Jack Murphy Stadium; March)
2022 Oriole Park at Camden Yards
2023 Rogers Centre (phase I) Comerica Park, Citi Field, Rogers Centre RFK Stadium (preliminary)
2024 Rogers Centre (phase II), Progressive Field RFK Stadium (ongoing)
Notes: [ Brackets ] denote construction that preceded MLB occupancy by a year or more; teams "inherited" those stadiums later. * For multi-year renovations, the "climactic" year is shown. Stadiums that had been used by a football team or minor league baseball team before a new MLB franchise was established there, or an existing franchise relocated there.
Asterisks * denote shared stadiums, "home away from home," or other anomalies.
[ Brackets ] denote name changes that were later rescinded, reverting to the old name. Names in use for less than a year are not included.
{ Braces } denote name changes that took place after the MLB team had left.
  Year (and month) demolition was completed.
# ! = implosion

* Originally posted: Dec. 28, 2005.

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