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Dave Zanko, New Milford, NJ -- Sep 25, 2007 01:09 AM
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I went to this stadium once many years ago (c.1988) with my father and brother while visiting Montreal. We actually caught a pre-season NFL game between the Jets and Browns. Though it's been almost 20 years, and the stadium was modified in the years since, I can definitely say this: It makes a good football stadium. And therefore a lousy baseball park, just like almost every other case where a football-designed stadium is used for baseball.

jason target, Toronto, CN -- Jun 18, 2012 17:14 PM
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I was actually born in Montreal and the Expos were my first pro-sports team I saw live at Parc Jarry. I moved to Toronto just when the Blue Jays started and saw them at Exhibition Stadium. Years later I learned that the Expos were moving so I had to see them one more time (though my allegiance was to the Blue Jays, I have always had a soft-spot for the Expos). I was SO IMPRESSED at see the Big Owe from the out-side. It looked like a spaceship had landed. The ticket and staff of the stadium were SO nice. The food was great too, only the actual stadium was a huge disappointment. It was like an indoor parking garage in atmosphere, only 8000 fans did not help. The roof had a sort of weird orangey colour. This was not a great ball park or Football stadium, it was built for track and field events. Still, I am glad that I went to one of their last home games ever and if Montreal ever gets another team I will be sure to attend.

U Whittock, Springfield, VA -- Jun 16, 2013 22:26 PM
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I saw a game here once in 1987, and this place was almost as bad as Veterans’ Stadium in Philadelphia. Almost as bad, but not quite.

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