David Steinle, Russell, KS -- Jul 05, 2010 22:27 PM
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Spent many a day in this edifice, watching the Saints play football, the annual college baseball series known as the Busch Challenge and later the Winn-Dixie Showodwn, and also the state high school football championship games. The first time I was in the stadium in 1984, the giant gondola screens atop the 50-yard line worked. I thought giant six-sided screens fascinating. When I went back three years later to watch my second Saints game, the gondola screens had been raised and turned off, and replaced by two screens in the end zones. The multi-colored seats and ramps induced seizures. Trying to find your up and down the various ramps was dizzying. The escalators were shut off after games, meaning you had to walk down yourself, a daunting task from the terrace level. I really resented the place while I lived in New Orleans, because I had heard all the wonderful stories about Tulane Stadium, where the Saints and Sugar Bowl played before moving indoors. However, the Superdome was totally necessary, given how much it rains in the Big Easy and the city's oppressive climate. It is a engineering masterpiece regardless of what you think of the inside of the "world's largest room".

Matthew Schaefer, Sheboygan, WI -- Jun 28, 2011 21:55 PM
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Never been here, but have a question: is the annual Sugar Bowl played here in "baseball" configuration, allowing for the "expandable" seats to be put in for larger capacity? I noticed that there were band standing room and I believe student sections roped off behind the football benches during this past Sugar bowl. It was hard to tell but whenever the cameras showed the stands I was trying to look at the 2nd level's overhang but was unable to tell for sure. (If "yes" did they do this for the Superbowls here too?)