Andrew Clem, Staunton, VA -- Aug 29, 2006 15:45 PM
5 visit(s). My rating: 5
April 2, 1999: Cardinals ?, Expos ?. The future Nationals played an exhibition game at RFK Stadium just before the start of the 1999 regular season, the first concrete sign that the Expos might move to Washington. During batting practice the day before I was there, Mark McGwire came within inches of knocking a ball clear out of the stadium: I sat in the upper deck on the first base side fairly close to the foul pole, and from there I couldn\'t even see where the only home run in that game landed! (It was in the right field corner.)

April 30, 2005: Nationals 5, Mets 3. The Washington Nationals hosted the New York Mets in their twelveth home game since relocating from Montreal. (I had seen their inaugural game against the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park on April 4.) Before the game started, I made a careful inspection of the seating sections and outfield fence, drawing suspicious looks from the security-minded ushers. The inside of the stadium looked very good, though the field itself could have been trimmed up a bit, and the old and grimy concourses were filled with eateries and souvenir stands. The new green paint on the wall behind the outfield fence (which used to be dark blue) was an aesthetic masterstroke, subtly recalling the Green Monster in Fenway. Our seats were within a few rows of the very top of the upper deck on the first base side, but the view was fine. In spite of gloomy skies, the game was exciting, and the two rain delays provided unexpected entertainment, as the grounds crew could not cover the infield with the tarp before it turned to mud. The game was finally called after eight innings. Attendance: 40,913.

May 31, 2005: Nationals 5, Braves 4. I enjoyed great weather and great closeup views from the lower level behind the visitor's dugout on the first base side. It was an exciting game, culminating in a suspenseful ninth inning, as the Nats held on and won. This was just as they were beginning their amazing winning streak that put them in first place in the NL Eastern Division for six weeks. Attendance: 29,512.

September 2, 2005: Phillies 7, Nationals 1. The weather was just as beautiful as on my previous visit, but the outcome was definitely not. I had great seats near the front of the upper deck just behind home plate, and a foul ball landed just a few feet away. This game was marked by rookie Ryan Zimmerman's first major league hit, a double. Attendance: 28,939.

July 2, 2006: Nationals 6, Devil Rays 2. My niece Cathy and her friend Yanira joined me on a warm, sunny afternoon game, sitting in the front of the upper deck in right center field. Marlon Anderson made two great catches right at the center field fence, one of which was directly below us and hence out of view. Attendance: 23,823.

Gus M., New York -- Sep 04, 2006 17:09 PM
3 visit(s). My rating: 5
I am a big Nats fan and have been to RFK several times. The stadium is in a fairly bad state and can use a lot of fixen' up. The poor state of RFK was ok the first year due to the little time they had to prepare, but not this year. The food is nasty, service is bad and the overall look of the stadium is very dirty and grimy. However, the upperdeck is VERY close to the play field and offer a great view for a good price. Most of the seats are well shaded during the day time. Another plus is the location of the stadium; easy to get to by car and metro. To be fair I have not been their since the grand re-opening of the stadium by the Lerners, so it maight be a little better; but it is hard to think that the old place has imporved that much.

James Sutton, St. Louis, MO -- Oct 09, 2006 14:55 PM
1 visit(s). My rating: 6
I can't really properly rate RFK since I went to a soccer game there in 2002. It does look like they have done a wonderful job though. I was supposed to visit DC in August of 2006, but plans fell through. I plan on going next season though.

John G, Boston , MA -- Apr 09, 2009 04:54 AM
1 visit(s). My rating: 4
I went to RFK in spring 2006. it was pouring and there was a rain delay for like FOUR HOURS! when we got in all of the food was gone. but i will say that it was in fairly good shape for its age. oh one last thing: I read in Wikipedia that when football was being played and they had a exabition baseball game, they would just leave the football seats and put up the baseball field. Mabey you could make a diagram for that configuration?