Peter Piroso, Brooklyn, NY -- June 2006 (via e-mail):
The first major league game I attended was the Dodgers vs. the Milwaukee Braves in 1955 at Ebbets Field. I was eight years old and we lived about 10 minutes away by car. The things I remembered most were:
(1) The circular, marble rotunda behind home plate which contained the ticket windows. The chandelier's bulbs were encased by frosted glass globes which were painted with red stitches to make them look like giant baseballs. The rotunda was cool relief on a hot, muggy Brooklyn afternoon.
(2) If you grew up in the black and white TV era as I did, you could not imagine what it was like to walk through the entrance to the seats and view for the first time the emerald green grass, the cream-white Dodger uniforms with their royal blue caps and jerseys with royal blue numerals on the back and fancy "Coca-Cola" script with bright red numerals on the front of the jersey just below the heart!! (And oh those fancy, schmantzy Braves uniforms!) The very colorful ads all along the outfield walls. The color!!- the sounds!!- how close to the field and players!! I was swooning-- I was base-balled for life!!!
(3) The Sym-phony Band "serenading" the visiting teams.
(4) Most of all the Dodger fans. They were loud and loyal--they loved "Dem Bums"!
Thank you for permitting me these reminiscences.