David Kaiser, Florence, KY -- Apr 21, 2007 17:08 PM
10 visit(s). My rating: 7
The first impression of Crosley Field was the beautifully lush green grass. The park was so small and intimate that you felt as though you were almost a participant rather than a mere spectator. The players locker room was located outside the left field stands and players from both teams had to walk a gauntlet past the fans seated behind third base to get to their respective dugouts. This could be a problem when the Reds 'blew one' the previous day. Sandy Koufax was asked why he liked to pitch at Crosley, and he said 'the short distances forced the outfielders to play in closer, catching a lot of bloopers that fall in at bigger parks'. Crosly Field was a great experience for watching a ballgame.

Randy M, Louisville, KY -- Aug 14, 2008 14:27 PM
2 visit(s). My rating: 9
First major league games I saw was here in 1963, two games with the Dodgers. Saw both Drysdale and Koufax, as well as Frank Robinson as a Red and I think Pete Rose's rookie season. The very first impressions, after walking about a mile to the field from where we parked, was the smell of cigarettes and stale beer. I had smelled the tobacco before at my own little league games but had never smelled beer before. My uncle pointed out the terrace where Babe Ruth fell down. There was a huge Hudephol beer sign in the outfield that had the tag "Vas you ever in Cincinatti?" The park seemed very small; we were in box seats and were right on top of the field. As much as I like Wrigley, this is the park I miss the most and wish I could go back to. I went to many games at Riverfront afterwards and never had the same feeling.

Randy B, Cincinnati, OH -- Jul 11, 2009 13:16 PM
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The Beatles were scheduled to perform at Crosley Field in Cincinnati, Ohio, on Saturday evening, August 20, 1966, however, it poured down rain the entire afternoon and evening of the scheduled performance. They rescheduled the concert for Sunday afternoon, August 21, 1966. The stage was near second base and our seats were behind the 3rd base dugout, probably 15 - 20 rows up. The Beatles emerged from near the 3rd base dugout and ran to the stage. I seem to remember they had their guitars strapped around their necks. It was one of the shortest concerts I can remember. They played about 10 songs and there was very little interaction with the crowd. At one point Paul said, "Let's get this bit over with", or words to that effect. I took photos with my old Brownie camera and about 10 minutes of film with my dad's 8mm film camera.

JR Clark, Gastonia, NC -- Feb 10, 2013 17:37 PM
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Randy, I am not surprised by Paul McCartney's comment, "Let's get this bit over with." According to his biography, Many Years From Now, McCartney decided following the Crosley Field concert that he was through with touring as a Beatle.

randy mast, MEDINA, OH -- Jun 21, 2014 13:33 PM
10 visit(s). My rating: 9
best ballpark of all time. Saw Jim Maloney take a no hitter into the 9th inning against the Mets in 1969. Also saw the last doubleheader in 1970 when Maury Willa played the banjo on second base while they were raking the infield between games. Shame it is no longer here, kids don't know what they missed