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Franchise changes All-Star Game Notes World Series Commis- sioner
1901   Barney Dreyfuss owns the Pirates. John Brush owns the Giants.       Nap Lajoie (PHA) Triple Crown      
1902   Milwaukee Brewers relocate to St. Louis, become the Browns. (AL)              
1903   Frank Farrell & Bill Devery buy (for $18K) the Baltimore Orioles, which relocate to New York, becoming the Highlanders. (AL)         PIT 3 BRS 5  
1905   Charles Murphy buys Cubs for $125K.         NYG 4 PHA 1  
1906             CHC 2 CWS 4  
1907             CHC 4 DET 0  
1908             CHC 4 DET 1  
1909 Shibe Park*, Sportsman's Park,
Forbes Field
        Ty Cobb (DET) Triple Crown PIT 4 DET 3  
1910 Comiskey Park, League Park           CHC 1 PHA 4  
1911 Polo Grounds, Griffith Stadium William Baker buys Phillies. (year?)         NYG 2 PHA 4  
1912 Fenway Park, Navin Field, Redland Field           NYG 3 BRS 4  
1913 Ebbets Field Connie Mack acquires 50% share of Athletics, as partner with Ben Shibe.         NYG 1 PHA 4  
1914   Federal League begins. Charles Taft buys Cubs for $397.5K.       Braves used Fenway Park in World Series BBV 4 PHA 0  
1915 Braves Field Federal League dissolves after second year. Charles Weeghman et al. pay $500K for 90% share of Cubs.       Red Sox used Braves Field in World Series. PHI 1 BRS 4  
1916 (Cubs Park) Jacob Ruppert & T.L. Huston buy Yankees for $460K; Wm. Wrigley buys Cubs; Jim Dunn buys Indians for $500K; Harry Frazee buys Red Sox.       Red Sox used Braves Field in World Series. BRK 1 BRS 4  
1917             NYG 2 CWS 4  
1918           Many players are drafted for World War I; season is reduced to 128 games. Cubs used Comiskey Park in World Series. CHC 2 BRS 4  
1919           "Black Sox" scandal: White Sox throw the World Series, and eight players are banned from baseball. CIN 5 CWS 3  
1920   Clark Griffith becomes majority owner of Senators.       Babe Ruth hits 54 home runs. BRK 2 CLE 5 Kenesaw Mountain Landis
1921   William Wrigley buys vast majority of Cubs.       Babe Ruth hits 59 home runs. NYG 5 NYY 3 K.M. Landis
1922           Rogers Hornsby (SLC) Triple Crown NYG 4 NYY 0 K.M. Landis
1923 Yankee Stadium Col. Jacob Ruppert becomes sole owner of Yankees.         NYG 2 NYY 4 K.M. Landis
1924             NYG 3 WAS 4 K.M. Landis
1925           Rogers Hornsby (SLC) Triple Crown PIT 4 WAS 3 K.M. Landis
1926             SLC 4 NYY 3 K.M. Landis
1927   Indians are sold for $1 million.       Babe Ruth hits 60 home runs. PIT 0 NYY 4 K.M. Landis
1928             SLC 0 NYY 4 K.M. Landis
1929             CHC 1 PHA 4 K.M. Landis
1930             SLC 2 PHA 4 K.M. Landis
1931   Gerry Nugent inherits the Phillies.         SLC 4 PHA 3 K.M. Landis
1932 (Cleveland Public Municipal Stadium) ** William Wrigley dies; Philip Wrigley inherits Cubs.       At Wrigley Field, in Game 3 of the WS, Babe Ruth hits a home run to where he just pointed. CHC 0 NYY 4 K.M. Landis
1933     2 4 Comiskey Park (AL) Jimmie Foxx (PHA) and Chuck Klein (PHI) Triple Crowns NYG 4 WAS 1 K.M. Landis
1934   Powell Crosley buys Reds. 7 9 Polo Grounds (NL) Lou Gehrig (NYY) Triple Crown SLC 4 DET 3 K.M. Landis
1935     1 4 Cleveland Stadium (AL)   CHC 2 DET 4 K.M. Landis
1936   Horace Stoneham buys New York Giants. 4 3 Braves Field (NL) Baseball Hall of Fame is founded in Cooperstown, NY. NYG 2 NYY 4 K.M. Landis
1937     3 8 Griffith Stadium (AL) Joe Medwick (SLC) Triple Crown NYG 1 NYY 4 K.M. Landis
1938     4 1 Crosley Field (NL)   CHC 0 NYY 4 K.M. Landis
1939     1 3 Yankee Stadium (AL) After a record 2,130 consecutive games, Lou Gehrig falls victim to disease, gives farewell speech at Yankee Stadium. CIN 0 NYY 4 K.M. Landis
1940     4 0 Sportsman's Park   CIN 4 DET 3 K.M. Landis
1941     5 7 Briggs Stadium (AL) Joe DiMaggio has a 56-game hitting streak, Ted Williams has a .406 batting average. BRK 1 NYY 4 K.M. Landis
1942   Pres. Roosevelt approves MLB playing during World War II, even as many star players enlist. Lou Perini buys Boston Braves; William Cox buys Phillies. 1 3 Polo Grounds (NL) Ted Williams (BRS) Triple Crown SLC 4 NYY 1 K.M. Landis
1943     3 5 Shibe Park   SLC 1 NYY 4 K.M. Landis
1944     7 1 Forbes Field (NL)   SLC 4 SLB 2 K.M. Landis
1945     X X (not played)   CHC 3 DET 4 Happy Chandler
1946     0 12 Fenway Park (AL)   SLC 4 BRS 3 Happy Chandler
1947     1 2 Wrigley Field (NL) Jackie Robinson (BRK) is the first African-American in MLB; Ted Williams (BRS) Triple Crown BRK 3 NYY 4 Happy Chandler
1948     2 5 Sportsman's Park   BBV 2 CLE 4 Happy Chandler
1949     7 11 Ebbets Field (NL)   BRK 1 NYY 4 Happy Chandler
1950   Walter O'Malley buys Brooklyn Dodgers. 4 3 Comiskey Park (AL)   PHI 0 NYY 4 Happy Chandler
1951     8 3 Briggs Stadium (AL)   NYG 2 NYY 4 Ford Frick
1952     3 2 Shibe Park   BRK 3 NYY 4 Ford Frick
1953 Milwaukee County Stadium Boston Braves relocate to Milwaukee. (NL) Anheuser-Busch buys Cardinals for $3.75m, Clarence Miles buys St. Louis Browns. 5 1 Crosley Field (NL)   BRK 2 NYY 4 Ford Frick
1954 (Memorial Stadium) St. Louis Browns relocate to Baltimore, becoming the Orioles. (AL) Arnold Johnson buys the Philadelphia Athletics. 9 11 Cleveland Stadium (AL) In the Polo Grounds, Willie Mays catches long fly to center by Vic Wertz help NY Giants beat Indians in Game 1 of WS. NYG 4 CLE 0 Ford Frick
1955 (K.C. Municipal Stadium) Philadelphia Athletics relocate to Kansas City. (AL) Calvin Griffith inherit Senators after the death of his foster father, Clark Griffith. 6 5 Milwaukee County Stadium (NL)   BRK 4 NYY 3 Ford Frick
1956     7 3 Griffith Stadium (AL) Mickey Mantle (NYY) Triple Crown; Don Larsen (NYY) pitches perfect game in Game 5 of WS. BRK 3 NYY 4 Ford Frick
1957     5 6 Busch Stadium I (NL)   MBV 4 NYY 3 Ford Frick
1958 (Memorial Coliseum), (Seals Stadium) New York Giants relocate to San Francisco; Brooklyn Dodgers relocate to Los Angeles. (NL) 3 4 Memorial Stadium (AL)   MBV 3 NYY 4 Ford Frick
1959   Bill Veeck buys the White Sox, installs new scoreboard with fireworks at Comiskey Park. 5
Forbes Field (NL), (Memorial Col.) (NL) The first of four years with TWO All-Star games. LAD 4 CWS 2 Ford Frick
1960 Candlestick Park Charlie Finley buys Kansas City Athletics. 5
K.C. Mun. Stad. (AL), Yankee Stadium (AL) Bill Mazerowski's walk-off home run keys Pirates' victory over Yankees in the WS. PIT 4 NYY 3 Ford Frick
1961 Metropolitan Stadium, Wrigley Field (L.A.) New AL franchises: Wash. Senators II, L.A. Angels; Wash. Senators I relocate to Minnesota, becoming the Twins. Bill Veeck falls ill, Allyn family buys White Sox. Reds owner Powell Crosley dies. 5
Candlestick Park (NL), Fenway Park (AL) Roger Maris (NYY) hits 61 home runs, breaking Babe Ruth's record; Mickey Mantle hits 54 home runs. CIN 1 NYY 4 Ford Frick
1962 Dodger Stadium, (D.C. Stadium), Colt Stadium New NL franchises: New York Mets (owner Joan Payson) & Houston Colt 45s. William Bartholomay buys Milwaukee Braves, Bill DeWitt et al. buy Reds for $4.6m. 3
D.C. Stadium * (AL), Wrigley Field (NL)   SFG 3 NYY 4 Ford Frick
1963     5 3 Cleveland Stadium (AL)   LAD 4 NYY 0 Ford Frick
1964 Shea Stadium   7 4 Shea Stadium (NL)   SLC 4 NYY 3 Ford Frick
1965 Astrodome Free agent draft is begun, reducing big signing bonuses. 6 5 Metropolitan Stadium (AL)   LAD 4 MIN 3 W.D. Eckert
1966 Busch Stadium II, Anaheim Stadium, Atlanta Stadium Milwaukee Braves relocate to Atlanta. Frank Dale & William DeWitt buy Reds. 2 1 Busch Stadium II (NL) Frank Robinson (BAL) Triple Crown LAD 0 BAL 4 W.D. Eckert
1967   Kansas City Athletics relocate to Oakland. 2 1 Anaheim Stadium (AL) Carl Yastrzemski (BRS) Triple Crown SLC 4 BRS 3 W.D. Eckert
1968 (Oakland Coliseum) Bob Short buys Washington Senators. 1 0 Astrodome Pitcher Denny McClain (DET) wins 31, loses 6. SLC 3 DET 4 W.D. Eckert
1969 San Diego Stadium *, Sick's Stadium, Jarry Park New franchises: AL Kansas City Royals (Ewing Kauffman), Seattle Pilots (Max & Dewey Soriano); NL Montreal Expos (Charles Bronfman), San Diego Padres (Ray Kroc); E & W divisions! 9 3 RFK Stadium Pitchers mound is lowered from 15 inches to 10 inches. Pitcher Tom Seaver leads "Amazin'" Mets to WS championship. NYM 4 BAL 1 Bowie Kuhn
1970 Three Rivers Stadium, Riverfront Stadium * Bud Selig et al. buy the Seattle Pilots (for $10.8m), which relocate to Milwaukee, becoming the Brewers. (AL) 5 4 Riverfront Stadium * (NL) Curt Flood files lawsuit challenging reserve clause, after refusing to be traded from SLC to PHI. CIN 1 BAL 4 Bowie Kuhn
1971 Veterans Stadium   4 6 Tiger Stadium (AL) Roberto Clemente gets his 3,000th hit, but then dies in plane crash en route to Nicaragua, Dec. 31. PIT 4 BAL 3 Bowie Kuhn
1972 (Arlington Stadium) Washington Senators relocate to Arlington, Texas, becoming the Rangers. (AL) 4 3 Atlanta-Fulton Co. Stadium (NL) Players go on strike for the first time ever, Apr. 1-13. CIN 3 OAK 4 Bowie Kuhn
1973 Royals Stadium * CBS sells Yankees to George Steinbrenner for $10m. 7 1 Royals Stadium * (AL) American League begins use of the "designated hitter" rule. NYM 3 OAK 4 Bowie Kuhn
1974   Brad Corbett buys Rangers. 7 2 Three Rivers Stadium (NL) Hank Aaron hits his 715th home run on Apr. 8, breaking Babe Ruth's career record. LAD 1 OAK 4 Bowie Kuhn
1975     6 3 Milwaukee County Stadium (AL) Carlton Fisk's 12th-inning walk-off home run lifts Red Sox in WS Game 6, but Reds win Game 7. CIN 4 BRS 3 Bowie Kuhn
1976   Bill Veeck buys White Sox, again. Bob Lurie buys Giants for $8m. AZ (1992) p. 204 Ted Turner pays $10, becoming maj. owner of Braves. 7 1 Veterans Stadium (NL) Players win right to become free agents after six years. CIN 4 NYY 3 Bowie Kuhn
1977 Olympic Stadium, Kingdome, (Exhibition Stadium) New AL franchises: Toronto Blue Jays, Seattle Mariners. Cubs owner Philip Wrigley dies. 7 5 Yankee Stadium (AL) Reggie Jackson's 3 home runs in WS Game 6 clinch championship for Yankees. LAD 2 NYY 4 Bowie Kuhn
1978     7 3 San Diego Stadium * (NL) Bucky Dent's 7th inning home run keys Yankees' comeback victory over Red Sox in AL East playoff game. LAD 2 NYY 4 Bowie Kuhn
1979   Edward B. Williams buys the Orioles. "Disco Demolition Day" sparks riot at Comiskey Park. 7 6 Kingdome (AL)   PIT 4 BAL 3 Bowie Kuhn
1980   Doubleday & Co. (publisher) buys Mets for $21.1; Eddie Chiles buys Rangers. 4 2 Dodger Stadium (NL)   PHI 4 KCR 2 Bowie Kuhn
1981   Jerry Reinsdorf buys White Sox for $20m, William Giles buys Phillies for $30m, Sam Zell / Tribune Co. buys Cubs for $20.5m; George Argyros buys Mariners; William & James Williams become principal owners of Reds. 5 4 Cleveland Stadium (AL) Players go on strike June 12-July 31. Split-season playoffs are a mess. LAD 4 NYY 2 Bowie Kuhn
1982 Metrodome (year uncertain) George Argyros buys Mariners for $13m. AZ (1992) p. 131 4 1 Olympic Stadium (NL)   SLC 4 MBW 3 Bowie Kuhn
1983     3 13 Comiskey Park (AL)   PHI 1 BAL 4 Bowie Kuhn
1984   Calvin Griffith sells Twins to Carl Pohlad for $44m; Ray Kroc, owner of Padres, dies. Marge Schott buys majority stake in Reds. 3 1 Candlestick Park (NL)   SDP 1 DET 4 Peter Ueberroth
1985     6 1 Metrodome (AL) Players go on strike Aug. 6-7. ALCS & NLCS extended to 7 games. SLC 3 KCR 4 Peter Ueberroth
1986   Nelson Doubleday and Fred Wilpon become co-owners (50-50) of New York Mets, paying $81m. 2 3 Astrodome (NL) Red Sox' Bill Buckner misses ground ball, Mets win WS Game 6, then Game 7. NYM 4 BRS 3 Peter Ueberroth
1987     2 0 Oakland Coliseum (AL)   SLC 3 MIN 4 Peter Ueberroth
1988     1 2 Riverfront Stadium (NL) Kirk Gibson's walk-off HR in WS Game 1 lifts Dodgers toward improbable championship. LAD 4 OAK 1 Ueberroth / Giamatti
1989 Skydome * Consortium fronted by George W. Bush buys Rangers for $89m. 3 5 Anaheim Stadium * (AL) Pete Rose is banned for gambling, and Bart Giamatti dies. Earthquake just before WS Game 1 in S.F.; 10-day postponement. SFG 0 OAK 4 Bart Giamatti / Vincent
1990   Jeff Smulyan buys Mariners for $77.5m. AZ (1992) p. 131; Tom Werner buys Padres; Lock-out by owners causes one-week delay in season. 0 2 Wrigley Field (NL)   CIN 4 OAK 0 Fay Vincent
1991 Comiskey Park II * Claude Brochu et al. buy the Montreal Expos. 2 4 Skydome (AL)   ATL 3 MIN 4 Fay Vincent
1992 Oriole Park at Camden Yards Fay Vincent forced to resign. Japanese-led consortium buys Mariners for $106m, Michael Ilitch buys Tigers for $82m, Rob. McLane Jr. buys Astros for $103m. Charles Monfort buys Rockies for $95m. AZ (1992) p. 135 6 13 Jack Murphy Stadium (NL)   ATL 2 TOR 4 Vincent / Selig *
1993 (Joe Robbie Stadium) *, (Mile High Stadium) New NL franchises: Colorado Rockies, Florida Marlins. Peter Angelos buys Orioles for $173m, Peter Magowan buys Giants for $100m. 3 9 Oriole Park at Camden Yards (AL)   PHI 2 TOR 4 Bud Selig *
1994 Jacobs Field *, Ballpark in Arlington * Each league gets a third division: E, C, & W; playoffs include wild card team. 8 7 Three Rivers Stadium (NL) Players go on strike in August; rest of the season is cancelled. X X Bud Selig *
1995 Coors Field William Dewitt Jr. buys Cardinals for $150m. 3 2 Ballpark in Arlington (AL)   ATL 4 CLE 2 Bud Selig *
1996   Robert Nutting buys Pirates for $92m. 6 0 Veterans Stadium (NL) Cal Ripken Jr. breaks Lou Gehrig's record by playing in his 2,131th consecutive game. ATL 2 NYY 4 Bud Selig *
1997 (Turner Field)   1 3 Jacobs Field * (AL) Interleague games during the regular season begin, emphasizing regional and city rivalries. FLA 4 CLE 3 Bud Selig *
1998 Bank One Ballpark *, (Tropicana Field) New franchises: AL Tampa Bay Devil Rays, NL Arizona Diamondbacks; Milwaukee Brewers move to National League. Thomas Hicks buys Rangers for $250m. 8 13 Coors Field (NL) Mark McGwire hits 70 home runs; Sammy Sosa hits 66. SDP 0 NYY 4 Bud Selig
1999 Pac Bell Park *, Safeco Field * Carl Lindner (Great American Insurance) et al. buy Reds after Marge Schott is forced to sell. 1 4 Fenway Park (AL)   ATL 0 NYY 4 Bud Selig
2000 Comerica Park, Enron Field *, Miller Park * Ted Rogers buys Blue Jays for $137m, David Glass buys Royals for $96m, Lawrence Dolan buys Indians for $323m. 3 6 Turner Field (NL) Roger Clemens hurls a bat. NYM 1 NYY 4 Bud Selig
2001 PNC Park AOL-Time Warner acquires Braves & Turner Broadcasting. 1 4 Safeco Field (AL) Barry Bonds hits 73 home runs. After 9/11 attacks, Mayor Guiliani throws out first pitch at Yankee Stadium. ARZ 4 NYY 3 Bud Selig
2002 Great American Ballpark John Henry buys Red Sox for $380m, sells Marlins for $158m to Jeffrey Loria, who sells Expos to MLB. Fred Wilpon becomes sole owner of Mets, worth $391m. Players' strike is averted; no contraction! 7 7 Miller Park (NL) Pete Rose half-apologizes. Angels' "rally monkey"! R.I.P. Ted Williams. SFG 3 ANA 4 Bud Selig
2003   Arturo Moreno buys Angels for $184m, Mark Attanasio buys Brewers from the Seligs for $223m. MLB relocation cmte. considers D.C. and Virginia. 6 7 U.S. Cellular Field * (AL) In NLCS, Cubs choke after fan interference. R.I.P. Warren Spahn. Winning league in All Star Game gets World Series home field adv. FLA 4 NYY 2 Bud Selig
2004 Citizens Bank Park, PETCO Park Stuart Steinberg buys Devil Rays for $200m, Frank McCourt buys Dodgers for $355m, Ken Kendrick buys Diamondbacks for $238m. 4 9 Minute Maid Park (NL) David Ortiz's walk-off homers lead Red Sox to come-from-behind ALCS win over the Yankees. SLC 0 BRS 4 Bud Selig
2005   Montreal Expos relocate to Washington, becoming the Nationals. Lewis Wolff buys Athletics for $180m. "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim" 5 7 Comerica Park (AL) MLB & players agree to new drug testing policy. Congressional hearings on steroids. HOU 0 CWS 4 Bud Selig
2006 Busch Stadium III MLB resolves stadium dispute with D.C., sells Nationals to Ted Lerner for $450m. Robert Castellini buys Reds for $270m. 2 3 PNC Park (NL) Japan wins inaugural World Baseball Classic. Red Sox sign pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka. R.I.P. Kirby Puckett, Buck O'Neil, Corey Lidle. SLC 4 DET 1 Bud Selig
2007   John Malone buys Braves for $450m. 4 5 AT&T Park * (NL) Pete Rose admits gambling addiction. In late Oct., Yankees fire manager Joe Torre. Mitchell Report on dope use in Dec. COL 0 BRS 4 Bud Selig
2008 Nationals Park Athletics' ballpark deal with Fremont, CA falls apart due to bad economy. Tampa Bay Devil Rays are renamed the "Rays," win first pennant. 3 4 Yankee Stadium (AL) 15 innings Tiger Stadium is demolished. MLB adopts instant replays for possible home runs, in Sept. PHI 4 TBR 1 Bud Selig
2009 Yankee Stadium II, Citi Field Tom Ricketts buys Cubs for $845m. New stadium for Marlins in Miami is approved, construction begins. 3 4 Busch Stadium III (NL) Alex Rodriguez admits past dope use. Manny Ramirez joins Dodgers, gets 50-game suspension for dope use. PHI 2 NYY 4 Bud Selig
2010 Target Field Chuck Greenberg, Nolan Ryan, et al. buy Rangers for $593m. 3 1 Angel Stadium (AL) Rookie pitcher Stephen Strasburg joins Nationals, soon gets Tommy John surgery. Yankee Stadium is demolished. SFG 4 TEX 1 Bud Selig
2011   MLB takes control of Dodgers from Frank McCourt, bankrupt. Jim Crane buys Houston Astros for $610m; see 2013. New 5-year labor contract with players. 5 1 Chase Field (NL) Barry Bonds convicted, Roger Clemens mistrial. Braves & Red Sox collapse in Sept., Cardinals epic comeback in WS Game 6. SLC 4 TEX 3 Bud Selig
2012 Marlins Park Florida Marlins become the Miami Marlins. Dodgers are sold for $2 bn to group led by Magic Johnson. 8 0 Kauffman Stadium (AL) Roger Clemens is acquitted in retrial. Rookie Bryce Harper sparks Nationals. Three perfect games! Miguel Cabrera gets AL Triple Crown. TWO wild card teams in each league. SFG 4 DET 0 Bud Selig
2013   Houston Astros switch to American League (West). 0 3 Citi Field (NL) Chris Davis (Orioles) hits 53 home runs. 12 MLB players are suspended for dope use. Increase in interleague games. Mariano Rivera (Yankees) retires. SLC 2 BRS 4 Bud Selig
2014     3 5 Target Field (AL) Challenges based on video replay begin. "Opening Day" in Sydney, Australia. Derek Jeter (Yankees) retires. SFG 4 KCR 3 Bud Selig
2015     3 6 Great American BallPark (NL) New rules to speed up the pace of play, more use of video replay. NYM 1 KCR 4 Rob Manfred
2016     2 4 Petco Park (NL) "Chase Utley Rule" prohibits unfair sliding into 2nd base. David Ortiz (Red Sox) retires. Epic comeback WS win by Cubs, 1st since 1908. CHC 4 CLE 3 Rob Manfred
2017 SunTrust Park * A group led by Bruce Sherman (incl. Derek Jeter) purchases Miami Marlins for $1.2 billion. 1 2 Marlins Park (NL) World Series home field advantage goes to team with higher regular season winning %, rather than All-Star Game winning league. LAD 3 HOU 4 Rob Manfred
2018     6 8 Nationals Park (NL)
10 innings
Limit on mound visits (5) to speed up games.
Ichiro Suzuki retires.
LAD 1 BRS 4 Rob Manfred
2019     3 4 Progressive Field (AL) First MLB games in London; other games in Tokyo & Monterrey, Mexico. Historic comeback by Wash. Nationals, 1st WS title. WAN 4 HOU 3 Rob Manfred
2020 Globe Life Field Steve Cohen buys a majority stake in New York Mets in Oct. X X Dodger Stadium (NL) CANCELLED Covid-19: games begin late July, no fans until NLCS & WS (in Globe Life Field). Special rules for extra innings & double headers; designated hitter (temp.) in NL. LAD 4 TB 2 Rob Manfred
2021   2 5 Coors Field (NL)
(MOVED) Truist Park
Covid-19: Restrictions on fan attendance slowly lifted; some special rules continue. All-Star Game pulled from Atlanta due to Georgia voting law. MLB game in Dyersville, IA (1st time). ATL 4 HOU 2 Rob Manfred
2022 Cleveland Indians are renamed the "Guardians." 2 3 Dodger Stadium (NL) Lockout: Opening Day postponed. NL adopts designated hitter; no more special rules for extra innings & double headers. Playoffs expanded: 3rd wild card team. Albert Pujols retires, Aaron Judge hits 62 HRs! PHI 2 HOU 4 Rob Manfred
2023 Ted Lerner dies; family keeps trying to sell the Nationals. Owners of Athletics buy land in Las Vegas for new stadium. 3 2 T-Mobile Park (AL) Pitcher / batter clock to speed up games; no infield shifts; bigger bases; more interleague games. MLB games in Mexico City (1st time) & London. ARZ 1 TEX 4 Rob Manfred
2024 3 5 Globe Life Field (AL) MLB games in Seoul, South Korea (1st time), London, Birmingham, AL, & Dyersville, IA. RFK Stadium demolition? - - Rob Manfred
2025 - -
Cum. Wins, notes: Then-current stadium names are used. Temporary stadiums are NOT included. Underlined ASG scores = extra innings. 44 48 Then-current stadium names are used. . 49 68 * Selig "acting" commissioner 1993 to 1997.

NOTES: Asterisks (*) in the first column indicate that the stadium names later changed.
No All-Star Games were played in 1945 or 2020, while there were TWO All-Star Games in each year from 1959 to 1962. Two All-Star Games ended in a tie: 1961 (the 2nd game) and 2002.
To clearly differentiate baseball franchises that moved away from cities with another major league team, some of the abbreviations above do not follow standard contemporary usage. BBV = Boston Braves; BRS = Boston Red Sox; PHA = Philadelphia Athletics; PHI = Philadelphia Phillies; SLB = St. Louis Browns, SLC = St. Louis Cardinals; WAS = Washington Senators; WAN = Washington Nationals; MBV = Milwaukee Braves; MBW = Milwaukee Brewers. The rest should be self-evident.

SOURCES: Historical World Series and All-Star Game results prior to 2002 from the World Almanac and Book of Facts, 2017; some information from,, etc.

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