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July 17, 2007 [LINK / comment]

"The Dog": back into hiding

GGD - Andrew Clem, GOP chairs closeup After having metamorphosed "from a right-wing political porn fest into the ersatz-liberal 'Teddy's Dog'" since late June, fraudulently identifying me as the blog registrant, and then re-adopting his original blog name (but with the same pretend liberal identity) last week, the notorious (to put it mildly) General Grievous' Dog has gone back into hiding once again, or perhaps he is just hibernating. As of now, the only content left is a big smiley face, and all the recent archives with bogus insinuations about me have been erased from existence. There is obviously no point to making a permalink blog references in such a situation, since they all end up vanishing anyway. (On the other hand, perhaps the old "GGD" blog content will instantly reappear as if by magic later this afternoon! Who knows?) I swear, "The Dog's" repeated identity morphing almost reminds me of the creepy shape-shifting character "Odo" on that Star Trek spin-off series, and the repeated cover-ups of his smutty tracks show his lack of integrity as a "blogger." (The screen shots were taken today and on July 2.)

This was a clear violation of Blogger's rules about content: "Blogs that misleadingly appropriate the identity of another person are not permitted." So why, then, have they continued to permit it?

The (presumed) identity of "The Dog" was first revealed to the public (inadvertently?) by "Spank That Donkey" back in February, but when I asked him about this in person just a few days later, "Spanky" would not tell me who it really is. Why not? What was there to hide? Elle admitted back in December that she knows who "General Grievous' Dog" is, and the Richmond Democrat followed up on this strange case last month.

For the record, I have better things to do with my time than respond to each and every false statement posted by the "SWAC job" bloggers who include links to GGD. I try to deal with the more egregious cases, but there is simply too much disinformation out there for one blogger to rebut. By now it should be obvious to all that anyone who lends credence to "SWAC Girl," "Spanky," "Johnathan Maxfield," or "Elle" is making a big mistake.

Time for Sime?

Phil Chroninger wonders why the pro-Sayre faction is lining up behind Emmett Hanger in the fall campaign, suggesting that the Libertarian alternative Arin Sime is a closer ideological match. Simple answer: As long as a person is a member of a local Republican committee, he or she is obliged to support their party's candidate. You don't have to go campaigning door-to-door if you don't want to, and mild criticism is acceptable, but you should at least voice support for your party's nominee, and vote for him or her. It would also help matters to retract past statements to the effect that Senator Hanger is a "Republican In Name Only (RINO)" or a "Democrat Lite."

Posted (or last updated or commented upon): 17 Jul 2007, 2: 58 PM

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