October 25, 2010 [LINK / comment]

Even more mushroom photos!

During the Augusta Bird Club field trip to Chimney Hollow last week, I took a few more photos of mushrooms, including a striking lavender-colored one. There were several of them near some rotting logs, but it was hard to get a good view of them from above, and we ended up picking one in order to see the gills underneath. Fortunately, we were joined by someone who knows a lot about mushrooms, Tish Folsom. Thanks to Tish for helping to identify the Clitocybe Nuda in particular. Overall, the colors were less dramatic than the mushrooms I photographed last summer, but there was still quite a variety of textures. The new batch of photos are now posted at the Mushrooms photo gallery, and there will be even more in coming weeks, once I finally identify the other species.

Mushroom montage Oct. 2010

The only two above mushroom species I'm sure about are the Clitocybe Nuda in the top left (the lavender one), and the Hericium Erinaceus in the lower left (the white shaggy one). (Roll mouse over the image to compare to the mushroom photo montage from August.)