November 24, 2009 [LINK / comment]

Mauer, Pujols win MVP honors

As widely expected, Joe Mauer, of the Minnesota Twins, and Albert Pujols, of the St. Louis Cardinals, were chosen as the (respective) American League and National League Most Valuable Players for 2009. Mauer received 27 out of 28 first-place votes, and is the first catcher to be so honored since Ivan Rodriguez in 1999. See Pujols was chosen unanimously, with 32 first-place votes. He is the tenth player in baseball history to have won three MVPs, and is on track to surpass The Babe, Hank, and Barry in career home runs by the time he retires. See

Sosa pales in comparison

I heard some odd references to Sammy Sosa's skin color on TV or radio recently, and didn't realize what it was about until today. Apparently, Sosa has been getting the same kind of skin-lightening treatments that Michael Jackson used to get, causing a stir in celebrity circles. For a shocking before-and-after comparison, see the Huffington Post. Retired NBA star Charles Barkley was mocking him for it. I hope Sammy doesn't get a nose job.