October 7, 2009 [LINK / comment]

Road trip 2009 photos: Midwest

The final set of photos from my Great Road Trip 2009 has now been posted: Midwest 2009, with "Midwest" being defined very broadly. (It sounds better than "Miscellaneous," at least.) That photo gallery page includes scenes from Nebraska and Missouri, as well as Ohio and even Kentucky. Indeed, it was the first time I had ever spent much time exploring the "Bluegrass state" of Kentucky. As suggested by the photographs I took, the state economy seems to depend heavily on alcohol and tobacco. (BATF -- What about firearms?) At the bottom of that page are panoramic views of three city skylines (Pittsburgh, Louisville, and Cincinnati) as well as the arch in Nebraska, seen in the montage below.

Midwest Montage, August 2009

CLOCKWISE, FROM TOP LEFT: Old Crow distillery in Kentucky, Windmill in Nebraska, Court house in St. Louis, Tobacco plants in Kentucky, Nature preserve in Nebraska, Maritime Museum in Ohio, Arch over Interstate 80, Nebraska.

Note that I previously posted batches of photos from that trip on:
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Almost all of those photos were made possible by virtue of the good, old-fashioned passenger automobile. Even though under a tight schedule, I took full advantage of the opportunities to explore roadside attractions all across the Fruited Plain, including several fascinating places I never would have seen otherwise. Now does anyone still think it's better to travel via air??