April 27, 2009 [LINK / comment]

Busch Stadium(s)* update(s)

The Busch Stadium Busch Stadium (II) and Busch Stadium III diagrams have been updated, primarily the profiles. Busch Stadium II is about ten feet smaller in diameter than I had previously estimated.

Two new features will be of interest to many fans: First, there are separate "overlap" diagram versions for both Busch Stadiums II and III, showing where the subsequent or previous incarnation of Busch Stadium were situated, respectively. I'll do likewise for other stadiums that occupied at least some land in common.

Second, the diagram profiles now pertain to distinct sections of the grandstand, showing the maximum and minimum seating depths for the baseball and football configurations. This shows more clearly how the switch was made from one sport to another. I'll do likewise for other dual-use "cookie-cutter" stadiums with the "paired swivelable circular section lower deck" (PSCSLD) configuration."

* By the way, I know some people prefer the Latin plural stadia, but that sounds silly to me.

Pork barrel project in Detroit?

A couple weeks ago there was a report by a public interest group about those terrible "earmarked" appropriations bills, a.k.a. "pork barrel projects." Everyone just hates those wasteful expenditures, right? Well, the annual "Pig Book" released by Citizens Against Government Waste included as one example the $3.8 million that was set aside for the Old Tiger Stadium Conservancy in Detroit. A spokesperson for that group defended the appropriation on the grounds that partially refurbishing Tiger Stadium would help in "revitalizing the surrounding Detroit neighborhood." I would prefer more emphasis on historical preservation. See CNN.com.

Pork barrel spending? I think not! smile

Web site traffic, support

Speaking of worthy causes, how about this very Web site? I recently received notice from my Web hosting service that the recent surge in traffic to this Web site is near the monthly quota, and a surcharge may be necessary to avoid a suspension of service. Just a friendly reminder that, as with everything else in life, all the enjoyment and information you get from these Web pages is not free. It's been a while since I have solicited cash support, and I know that times are tight for most of us, but it's time for more visitors to "step up to the plate" and help keep this endeavor going.

With that in mind, let me take this opportunity to express thanks to Mark London for once again renewing his sponsorship of five (5) stadium pages: Three Rivers Stadium, Forbes Field, PNC Park, Metropolitan Stadium, and Metrodome. You can do the same and show your support for this Web site for $10 a pop via PayPal, or by making a smaller donation via PayPal or Amazon. See the Sponsorship / support page. As of June 1, the other stadium pages (except Wrigley Field, which is "reserved," will become available for sponsorship if the current sponsors do not renew.

A sweep, and almost two

Those scrappy Bostonians found a way to put the Yankees away in three straight games at Fenway Park over the weekend. On Friday night, they came from behind to win it 5-4 with two runs in the bottom of the ninth inning, on Saturday they overcame a six-run deficit and finally prevailed in a 16-11 slugfest, and last night they won 4-1.

At least the Washington Nationals avoided getting swept by the Mets, getting their first road win of the season last night at Citi Field, 8-1. The phenomenal rookie pitcher Jordan Zimmermann (two n's) earned his second win in as many starts. The Nats are now 4-13 for the season.