February 15, 2009 [LINK / comment]

Memorial Coliseum update

Memorial Coliseum Continuing with baseball stadiums in California, I have slightly revised the Memorial Coliseum diagrams. (I know, it really doesn't deserve to be called a baseball stadium.) There are several minor adjustments for the sake of accuracy and a few new details such as lights. I decided it wasn't worth it to do a separate diagram for the March 2008 exhibition baseball games that were held there, marking the 50th anniversary of the Dodgers' arrival in Los Angeles. The distance to the left field corner for those games was only 192 feet, ridiculously short.

By sheer coincidence, rumors spread two weeks ago that the San Diego Chargers might relocate to Los Angeles if they can't get public money to build a new stadium to replace "QualComm Stadium." See the L.A. Times. The same old song and dance... Part of the equation is the idea that Super Bowl L (i.e. 50, in 2016) should be played in Los Angeles, just as the first one was. If so, it might be at a renovated Rose Bowl or Memorial Coliseum, or at an entirely new football stadium if one materializes, somehow.

Spring training begins

For most of the country, winter weather will be with us for another month or so, but it's almost always warm in Florida and southern Arizona, where major league pitchers are reporting for spring training. See MLB.com. What a pleasant thought...

COMMENT by: Brian Hughes, of Edison, NJ on Feb 15, 2009 21:15 PM
Check the Candlestick page, darn you. Something's wrong with it.

COMMENT by: Andrew Clem, of Staunton, VA on Feb 18, 2009 00:25 AM
I know, I know. I've been putting off getting that one finished for ages, but most of the work is done. Stay tuned.