January 31, 2009 [LINK / comment]

Dodger Stadium update

Dodger Stadium I finally managed to get all the revisions to Dodger Stadium finished. The profile is much more accurate than before, but is still subject to further scrutiny. It's an odd situation because the stadium was built into the side of a big hill, so the two profiles show the different ground levels behind home plate versus at the end of the grandstand near the right and left field corners.

Joe Torre vs. the Yankees

While we are on the subject of the Dodgers, Rob Neyer takes a "peek inside Joe Torre's book," in which A-Rod is not portrayed in a flattering light, and he makes an interesting observation: via David Pinto.

Beginning in 1996, the Yankees won four World Series in five years. In those five years, they averaged 97 wins.

In the eight years since, of course, the Yankees have won zero World Series. Incidentally, in those same eight years they've averaged 97 wins.

Very interesting indeed. So perhaps Mr. Steinbrenner's impatience with winning more World Series trophies was a little misplaced. Torre was the perfect embodiment of the Yankee standards of class and excellence, and it's a shame he is gone.