January 13, 2009 [LINK / comment]

Wrigley Field (L.A.) update

Wrigley Field LA "Easy does it!" With so many things going on all at once right now,* I figured I ought to follow the path of least resistance, and among California ballparks, Wrigley Field (L.A. style) fits that bill. It was the home of the Angels in their first year of existence (1961), and should have been the temporary home of the Dodgers as well. Diagram revisions are mainly concerning the profile and light towers, with a few small corrections here and there.

* Such as the first session of physical therapy on my aching shoulder yesterday, stemming from a "career-ending" injury last July. For all the gory details, see www.orthogate.org.

Henderson, Rice tapped for HOF

Congratulations to Rickey Henderson (Oakland) and Jim Rice (Boston) on being chosen for the baseball Hall of Fame. Henderson received overwhelming support from baseball writers in his first year of eligibility, while Rice barely cleared the required 75% threshold on his final chance; see MLB.com.

COMMENT by: Brian Hughes, of Edison, NJ on Jan 15, 2009 16:43 PM
While you're doing California parks, you should take a look at the Candlestick Park page. For some reason the diagram is non-standard and there are no dynamic diagrams where there once were some.