September 9, 2008 [LINK / comment]

Gov. Palin is sensational

Ever since Gov. Palin "hit a home run" in her speech to the GOP convention in St. Paul last week, she has created an enormous wave of enthusiasm in the Republican ranks, while attracting a large number of uncommitted voters, especially white women. Critics such as David Gergen (on CNN) warn that her honeymoon can't last much longer, and she will have to face intensive questioning from the press. Just wait for an onslaught of "gotcha" questions such as, "Can you name the new president of India?" Her lack of foreign travel is regarded as a weakness by some as well. As a native of Alaska, however, I'll bet she at least knows who the prime minister of Canada is, unlike 90% of Americans.

I was among the local Republicans asked to comment on the Sarah Palin phenomenon for the Staunton News Leader last week. Somehow, I didn't sound as enthusiastic in print as I thought I sounded when talking to the reporter on the telephone. There was a separate article on the religious-morality aspect of Palin's vice presidential candidacy. Some of us have different takes on what the net effect of Palin will be, but we all agree that it was a major lift for the party's chances in November.