June 9, 2008 [LINK / comment]

Hillary bows out: What now?

For at least the past four years, pundits on the Right have made a cottage industry of bashing closet Socialist Hillary Clinton, assuming that she would be the Democrats' nominee. Now that she has officially conceded the race to nominee-apparent Barack Hussein Obama, what are Sean Hannity, Chris Green, and all the rest going to do with themselves? smile

UPDATE: WaPo colunist Richard Cohen, a paragon of liberal MSM orthodoxy, makes the same point, pitying the legion of anti-Hillary book authors, TV pundits, and bloggers whose purpose in life has been voided:

For a number of reasons, I did not think she should be the Democratic nominee, but I often had more problems with her critics than I did with her. Some of them, clearly, needed to be medicated.

Now, though, an eerie silence has settled over the land.

On a more serious note, the effective end of the Democrats' primary campaign does create a new challenge for John McCain and the Republicans. Now that Obama can focus more of his attention on independent voters, framing issues in a way that makes the November election look like a referendum on the Bush years, McCain will be put in the awkward position of distancing himself from Bush, but not too much.

Virginia GOP follies

Former delegate Vince Callahan, who once supported Gov. Gilmore's "no car tax" proposal but is now considered a "RINO," left no doubt what he thinks about the recent Virginia Republican Party convention:

I think you are seeing a cataclysmic episode in the decline of the Republican Party of Virginia. ... It took us 30 years to build up this party, and now it is slipping away. . . . The Republican Party has gotten out of touch with the general electorate. (SOURCE: Washington Post)

Thomas Krehbiel speculates: "Am I the only one that wouldn't be surprised to hear about Kurt Michael being named to an RPV position in the near future?" No, he is not. (Hat tip to Whackette, who was on a SWAC-bashing roll for a while and is now "kissing up.") Perhaps Alex Davis will be named RPV Legal Counsel. smile