August 7, 2007 [LINK / comment]

Occoquan Bay NWR

Blue Grosbeak male In spite of temperatures soaring into the nineties, I went for an expedition to the Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge for the first time this morning. It is located about a mile east of Woodbridge, Virginia, along the Potomac River. It used to be an Army base where electronic signal experiments were carried out, and in 1998 it became a national wildlife refuge. I was amazed by the number of Ospreys that were flying all around, including several juveniles begging for food. I was also surprised to get good, close views of Blue grosbeaks, and even got some video clips, from which this image is taken. I spotted a White-eyed vireo for the first time this year, but failed to spot a Common yellowthroat that was singing. I was told that King rails are often seen there, and I may have heard one or two, but couldn't be sure. Today's highlights:

Hummingbirds have returned to the feeder on our back patio, including a male for the first time this year.