March 31, 2007 [LINK / comment]

Midnight canary accident

Just before midnight last night, I heard some commotion in the room where our canaries live, so I went in to check and realized that Princess was not in her nest. It took a minute or two before I found her on the floor in the corner, obviously scared after having fallen in the darkness. After a few minutes she flew back up there, but something was irritating her and she kept fidgeting compulsively. I don't know what it was that was bothering her, but Jacqueline was very distraught that there may have been some serious problem. Fortunately, Princess calmed down after munching on some broccoli we brought in, and soon she and George went back to sleep. Whew!

Those two "lovebirds" have been going through their usual flirting and quarreling routines, as Princess flaps her wings in the window to impress the birds outside. No eggs since December, though. For his part, George has been singing more loudly and more frequently now that spring is here. He has started to fly into my office almost every day, and enjoys "competitive" singing while I play music on iTunes.