March 26, 2007 [LINK / comment]

Day trip to Mount Solon


Jacqueline and I took advantage of yesterday's balmy temperatures (what a contrast to last week!) by driving through the northern reaches of Augusta County. We traversed miles of rolling pastures and then stopped for a while in the town of Mount Solon, where we relaxed and watched the ducks and geese on the picturesque pond. I walked around and was particularly impressed by the old architecture such as the old brick building that may have been a school or a courthouse. Mt. Solon must have been a thriving community in the 19th Century, but today it is regarded as a sleepy, bygone village. If you ask me, it is truly an idyllic locale. Then we went to Natural Chimneys Regional Park, less than a mile north of town, but were dissuaded from entering by the $6 per car entry fee. For an afternoon picnic, sure. For a brief photo op? No. See y'all next time. On the way back home, we stopped so I could get a picture of the old steel girder bridge in Stokesville . Now that's a classic image of yesteryear rural America.