March 1, 2007 [LINK / comment]

Long live the Kingdome

Kingdome The Kingdome page has been updated with a brand new "dynamic diagram." I included a version with a roof as an experiment; eventually I may do likewise for other fixed-dome stadiums. This marks the longest hiatus between new or revised diagrams in at least two years, but there are many others in various stages of completion.

While searching for photos of the Kingdome, I came across a very nice page full of superb photos of stadiums that were in their final year of baseball use: Warning: It has dozens of photos, and will take a long time to load! That guy and his buddies have been on a tour of stadiums on the "endangered species list" since 1990. Will they go to RFK Stadium this year?

The mail bag

Bruce Orser pointed me to a page full of photos of the new Yankee Stadium construction site at Groan... I'll get caught up with other correspondence later today.