August 15, 2006 [LINK]

Chipper Jones hits 3 HRs at RFK

Chipper Jones did his part to erase what is left of the perception that RFK Stadium is pitcher-friendly last night, hitting three home runs, as the Braves trounced the Nationals, 10-4. (Over and out!) If the Nationals are going to end this season at or above .500 (the only realistic goal left), they will have to pick up at least two of the next three games against the Braves. The Nats did about as well as could be expected in the weekend series against the Mets, winning the first game and losing the next two by close margins. The win in the first game (2-1) was thanks in large part to a superb pitching performance by rookie Billy Traber, who gave up only four hits and no walks in seven-plus innings. I neglected to mention that, in the Nats' win against the Marlins last week, new player Brandon Harper hit a double in his first career at-bat in the major leagues. Good going! Maybe there is a lot ot be hopeful for in the team's future, after all.

Two California teams -- the Dodgers and the Athletics -- are in a hot streak, winning nine of their last ten games to take the lead in their respective (evenly-matched) divisions. Meanwhile, the Cardinals remain in a slump, clinging to a slim lead over the Reds. In the AL East, the race between the Yanks and Red Sox is as close as ever. That's the way baseball should be in a good year.

Latin American players

I have updated the Latin American Leagues page with a more complete list of players from various countries "south of the border." There are probably a number of missing retired Latin American players, however. Stay tuned...