August 4, 2006 [LINK]

Nats prevail over Giants

It was a good sign that the Nationals bounced back from getting swept by the Dodgers, winning two of three games at AT&T Park. Once again, Barry Bonds was not a factor. You could tell that Alfonso Soriano wanted to sweep the Giants for a second time in two weeks, as he hit two home runs in the third game of the series. Tony Armas pitched poorly, though, giving up six runs in less than four innings. Ironically, the Nats were rallying in the ninth inning, but their former relief pitcher, Mike Stanton, struck out Alex Escobar to end the game. Stanton was just traded to San Francisco last week, so it was a bit strange. So now the Nats are headed to San Diego, able to relax and focus once again now that all those trade rumors are behind them.

Off to Baltimore

Jacqueline has wanted to go to the aquarium in Baltimore for years and years, and this weekend we're finally going to do it. Could it be a mere coincidence that the Yankees are playing the Orioles in Camden Yards? May-be. Anyway, no blogging this weekend.

E-mail list

One of the imminent upgrades to this Web site will be an E-mail list, enabling stadium page sponsors (and registered users, eventually) to share information and opinions about ballparks. That will be a lot more efficient than waiting for me to get caught up with the latest e-mail tips from fans. Stay tuned!