November 14, 2005 [LINK]

More of John's bird photos

Nashville Warbler After some prompting on my part, my brother John sent me another batch of bird photos he has taken recently, including this Nashville Warbler, one of the most inaptly-named members of the warbler family. It was seen at Spirit Mound, South Dakota in October. Others can be seen on the Photo gallery main page.

Late catbird

Highlights of this morning's walk behind the Staunton-Augusta Rescue Squad:

I don't recall ever seeing a catbird so late in the season, but I'll have to check my records. I also caught a glimpse of a probable Winter wren, which would be the first of the season. Another surprise was seeing a Black rat snake resting in the middle of a bare bush. For a much better closeup shot of the head by a professional, see [corrected link]