June 30, 2005 [LINK]

Peak breeding season

This is the time of year when wild birds are busily feeding their newly hatched or fledged offspring, and Princess and George have seen a number of young House sparrows and Carolina wrens being fed by their parents outside their window. Princess laid three more eggs this week, after taking a little longer rest between brooding sessions than usual. After a lot of flirting and flying around together for several days, Princess and George are now back to their usual routine: She on the nest, he on the living room shelf, singing every once in a while. I found George under the dining room table a few days ago; that used to be his favorite resting place until a few months ago. Yesterday they were both eating contentedly at the window sill, just a few inches from a Mourning dove doing likewise outside. What must the birds on either side of the window think about the ones on the other side?