June 29, 2005 [LINK]

Tom Davis vs. George Soros

In today's Washington Post, Sally Jenkins criticizes Republicans such as Virginia's Rep. Tom Davis who object to controversial billlionaire George Soros joining in the bidding for the Washington Nationals. I would agree that it was probably unwise for Davis to become involved, especially because Fred Malek, one of the leading bidders, is a prominent Republican, but Jenkins stretched credulity by saying it was OK to have Marge Schott as a franchise owners, so why not Soros? Besides, Soros would only be a subsidiary partner to Jonathan Ledecky, or so they say. Jenkins states, correctly, that President Bush is "polarizing" (intentionally or not), but that was not the case when he was a junior owner of the Texas Rangers, so that point is irrelevant. I've always believed there should be a tacit "firewall" between politics and sports, which ought to serve as a unifying function in our society. To look at it another way, how would Democrats feel about someone like Rush Limbaugh becoming part owner of a franchise? Boycott!! The presence of Soros should not disqualify the Ledecky bid, but simple prudence dictates that MLB should take the potential volatility of the new franchise owner groups into account when it awards the winning bid.

War of the tubes

There was a full-page ad by Mid-Atlantic Sports Network urging viewers to demand television coverage of the Nationals in Sunday's Washington Post, so I dutifully obliged by calling my local cable provider. I know full well, of course, that this is just public relations maneuvering as the litigation proceeds, and no one seriously believes that MASN has the Nationals' best interests at heart. Today's Washington Post has more on this disgraceful situation: "Nats Caught in a TV Rundown."

"Moonlight" Graham

Thanks to a tip from Rich ?, I've learned that today is the 100th anniversary of Moonlight Graham's one and only baseball game for the New York Giants, which was dramatized in Field of Dreams. See his "lifetime stats" at baseball-reference.com. Speaking of movies, you can see my own cinematic debut starting today in War of the Worlds. No kidding!