May 29, 2005 [LINK]

Warblers, etc. at Ramsey's Draft

Hoping to fill in some of the "gaps" from this sparse spring migration season, I trekked around the Ramsey's Draft area today, and had fairly good results: 3 first-of-season birds. I was surprised at the virtual absence of Ovenbirds, and I didn't hear as many Scarlet tanagers as I would expect. I didn't see any of the expected Louisiana waterthrushes along the stream either. Northern parulas and Pine warblers were heard but not seen. Here are the highlights of what I saw:

The male Yellow warbler that was singing in our back yard for a couple days has departed for greener meadows, where females are more likely to be. Also, the Carolina wrens abandoned the nest they were building on our back patio and have taken up residence next door.